YouTubers You Should Subscribe To!

I’ve always had a bit of an on/off relationship with YouTube. When I was at uni I started to get into make up and used to spend ages watching make up tutorials, particularly the Fowlers, who were still filming in their family home bedrooms on blurry cameras back then!

After uni I didn’t really watch many YouTubers but I got back into it a couple of years ago and now have some firm favourites, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you today.

First up, my favourite YouTuber: Lily Melrose!


Lily has two channels, a main channel that’s dedicated to beauty and fashion videos, and a secondary channel that’s used mostly for vlogs. I’ve been reading Lily’s blog for years and years now – back when it used to be a graphics blog (yup, that long!) and when she started doing YouTube I subscribed instantly.

What I love about Lily’s videos (and her blog, actually) is that she’s 100% honest, 100% real, all of the time. I feel like everything she says it’s completely how she feels, whereas there are a few other big YouTubers who just churn out sponsored video after sponsored video, where everything is ‘sooooo nice’, who I don’t feel like I can trust.

When I watch her videos I feel like I’m sitting down to listen to one of my friends gossip about skincare and make up, which is exactly what I want from a YouTuber/blogger.

The Slow Mo Guys


It sounds like a really simple concept, doesn’t it, filming various things in slow motion? But I promise, if you haven’t watched the Slow Mo Guys before you need their videos in your life. Informative, funny and amazingly put together, they produce some of the best, most unique content on YouTube, and you’ll want to share every video you watch on Facebook and Twitter.

Vivianna Does Make Up


If you’re looking for someone who knows their shit, you need Anna’s videos in your life. She’s fun and knowledgeable and I always come away with a wishlist as long as my arm when I watch her videos. Plus, her collabs with Lily Pebbles are always fun, and it’s sweet to see two YouTubers who have a genuine friendship (rather than one that’s been directed by their management company – YEAH I WENT THERE).

Kids/Teens React (TheFineBros)


A series on TheFineBros’ channel, Kids React is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Kids are interviewed about a different topic, and their responses are collated into one video. Topics range from retro gaming consoles (you know nothing, children, the NES was LIFE), Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda Video and various movie trailers. They’re always hilarious, insightful and prove that we need to stop underestimating young people.

Lily Pebbles


I love Lily’s style. I think she always looks super chic but comfy at the same time, which is really the look we’re all after, isn’t it? I always have major knitwear envy after watching her videos and her nail varnish recommendations are always a hit. Now I’ve typed that it sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it, honing in on her nail varnish picks? But I’ve bought five or six polishes based on her recommendations and they’ve all been swell.

Epic Meal Time


Because…duh, who doesn’t want an all bacon burger in their lives? Me and my boyfriend get a lot of joy from Epic Meal Time, and the first meal we ever cooked together was the cheese stuffed BBQ meatballs from one of their videos! Bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips, I swear Epic Meal Time is the reason both bacon *and* beards are so popular at the moment. I swear, seriously.


Let me know, are you subscribed to any of my favourites? Who are your favourite YouTubers?


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