A Christmas Break

Hey guys,

Just a quick one from me to let you know that I won’t be posting regularly for the rest of the year – I’m giving myself a little break so I’ll be fresh and invigorated for 2015! I’ve worked pretty much non-stop since I set up my little business in March so this will be the first holiday I’ve had all year and I am so, so, SO ready to spend three whole weeks relaxing, reading and generally lazing around and scoffing a lot of Christmas food, I expect.

I’m planning on posting a couple of times towards the end of the year, just a round up of 2014 etc etc, but even if things seem a bit quiet around here, I’ll be back very, very soon.

If I don’t speak to you all before then have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones…and don’t forget that it’s not Christmas if you’re not permanently stuffed full of very naughty food and drink.


10 thoughts on “A Christmas Break

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    Es cierto Conchi, y creo que precisamente porque son pocas las personas que nos dejan esa huella, son más importantes todavía y te aferras mucho más a ellas.Y eso sí, las seguimos sientiendo una y otra vez en cada momento, con todo lo que nos enseñaron y apoyaron…Un beso Conchi.

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    Thank you Eha. It will sure be a much better world if we all took a little time to know more about each others beliefs. If we do it with an open mind and open heart I know we will find out that we have more in common than what we have apart.

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    Also, da hättest Du auch anders draufkommen können als über den 1. April! :-D1. können die beiden Kirchen das gar nicht beschließen, weil die Komittees für die Kirchentage selbständig sind (der Evangelische Kirchentag z.B. ist ja ursprünglich eine Laienveranstaltung!) und nur indirekt über die Kirchen finanziert werden.2. würden die deutschen Großkirchen doch niemals ihr liebstes Kind in Sachen “soziale Gerechtigkeit” und “Verständigung zwischen den Religionen” aufgeben! ;-)Gruß,Tobias 🙂

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    gail, yes. that is exactly how I feel. I feel disconnected with myself, like I have no spirituality. Everything I do is automatic and task-oriented. I just need to quiet down for a little bit and see what I can find inside of myself. Thank you for letting me know that you'll be here when I get back. <3

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