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Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask

9th January 2015

Origins Drink Up Mask

I’m a dry-skinned gal and, lately, a dehydrated skin gal too, so I was super excited to find myself opening a tube of this lovely stuff on the morning of my birthday. I’m a big fan of face masks but I find a lot of them dry my skin out further, so I’d had my eye on this one for a long time.

I always find the Christmas period quite disruptive to my skincare routine. Eating rubbish food, staying up later than usual, forgetting to drink enough water and bombarding my face with tonnes of new beauty products meant it was really in need of a little pick me up. Enter, the Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask – the perfect thing to rehydrate your sad, winter skin.

This applies like a pretty standard face mask, it’s white with a lotion-like consistency and smells absolutely gorgeous, just like apricots. I left this on for a little over the suggested ten minutes and then rinsed my face as usual. I noticed straight away that my skin felt suppler and much more hydrated – usually after a face mask I have to moisturise quickly to stop my skin drying out but my skin already felt lovely and plumped up after using this. Fast forward a few days and I still noticed the effects – even my pesky dry as the desert forehead is in tact!

I’ve read a few times that just wiping off the excess and leaving this on overnight is a great intensive treatment (although you could always buy the overnight version if you so wished!), so I’m planning on trying that out soon. I’ve used this three times so far and each time I’ve loved the way my skin feels afterwards – I haven’t had any breakouts at all and this definitely has a place at the top of my face mask basket.

If you like the look of this one you can purchase it from Boots stores or online for £23.

Have you tried the Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask before? If so, what did you think? If not, would you like to?

Make Up Revolution Goddess of Love Highlighter

5th January 2015

Make Up Revolution Goddess of Love Highlighter

Highlighters could well have been my most purchased product of 2014. At first I was a bit intimidated by them but after realising how they can make my dry skin look glowing and radiant I jumped fully on board and proceeded to get my hands on as many different formulas as possible.

One of the most recent additions to my make up cabinet is budget brand Make Up Revolution/I Heart Make Up’s Goddess of Love Baked Highlighter. I fell in love with this as soon as I saw the product pictures on the brand’s Twitter feed and added it to my wishlist straight away. Lucky old me, I unwrapped it on my birthday and proceeded to test it out at the earliest available opportunity. Now I’ve had the chance to try it out a few times I thought I’d share my thoughts.

First up, the design of this product is gorgeous. This baked highlighter comes in a heart-shaped box and, while this isn’t great for travelling, it certainly grabs my attention when I open my make up drawers to pick out my products for the day. Also, it’s huuuge! Even if I used this daily I doubt I’d ever get through it – the whopping size makes the tiny price tag of £4.99 even more impressive.

It’s a gold, champagne colour that looks subtle and beautiful when applied to the cheekbones, centre of the nose and cupid’s bow. The fine particles mean it’s suitable to wear during the day, as you don’t have chunks of glitter on your face (which I’ve seen before in budget highlighters – not pretty!) and it also doesn’t cling to my pores – PRAISE BE.

So you can see how it looks on the skin, here’s an action shot:

Make Up Revolution Goddess of Love Highlighter

If you fancy picking this one up for yourself (and if you’re in the market for a budget highlighter then I really think you should) it’s available for £4.99 from the Make Up Revolution website or select Superdrug stores.

Lush Haircare Heroes: American Cream and Jason and the Argan Oil

2nd January 2015

Lush Hair Care ProductsIn my never-ending quest for mermaid hair I try to do as little as possible with it. I don’t faff around with too many products or too much heat and both things help to keep my hair in good condition. However, a side effect of this is that I’ve been using pretty much the same products on my hair for months and months…and I think my hair’s getting sick of the routine. It’s started to look a little lacklustre lately so I was really excited to open a couple of haircare products on my birthday, specifically the Jason and the Argan Oil (best name ever? I think so) solid shampoo bar and American Cream conditioner from Lush.

I’m a big Lush fan (aren’t we all?) but I’ve actually never tried anything from their haircare range, though I’ve heard lots of good things about their shampoo bars. Still, I wasn’t convinced that this little bar would hold together long enough to get more than a couple of washes out of it…Fast forward a couple of weeks and I’ve used this every time I’ve washed my hair and it’s still almost as big as it was when I unwrapped it!

So, how did the products do? When used together they revitalise my hair and leave it soft, silky and shiny – the three s’s I think we’re all after when it comes to hair. They also keep my hair in better condition for longer, as I can now go an extra day without washing it, which is great news as wrangling this mane in the shower is right up there at the top of the list of beauty maintenance I hate. Well, it’s below washing my brushes, of course, but still.

As is customary for Lush products they both smell absolutely incredible. The shampoo bar smells like Ro’s Argan Oil Body Conditioner (or Rose Jam shower gel) and the conditioner is a rich scent of vanilla, strawberries and a tiny hint of Parma Violets – the two lots of scents together make my hair (and bathroom) smell aaaa-mazing.

If you’ve got some leftover Christmas money and you’re looking for a couple of haircare heroes to whip your hair back into shape then I absolutely recommend both of these products. Brilliant value for money, you can buy Jason and the Argan Oil (£5.75) and American Cream (£8.95 for 250g) from Lush stores or the Lush website.

Lush American Cream

My Perfume Picks

6th November 2014

Like a lot of you, I’ve got a pretty sizeable stash of perfumes. I love how different scents can evoke different memories and certain perfumes seem to go better in certain situations, so I always like to have a few on hand. I’m not loyal to one particular scent, though I do have four favourites that I’ve been using for a while now.


First up is Ghost Deep Night, which is what I think of as my ‘evening’ perfume – if I’m ever going on a night out, this is what I’ll pick. I’ve been wearing this perfume the longest, since I was eighteen, and this is my fourth or fifth bottle, which is a gorgeous purple crescent moon design.

The smell is deep and feminine, definitely suited to night time, with notes of Indian rose, belle de nuit, orange, vanilla and amber – apparently! I’m not too hot at describing scents but the amber is definitely very prominent.

Next up is my ultimate favourite – CK One Summer (2009 edition). I fell in love with this perfume and was absolutely devastated to discover it was only on sale for one year, before it was retired for the next scent in the ‘Summer’ range. It’s described as being ‘intended to be used for a sunny day by a pool’ and contains ‘aromas of blue mint, cucumber, lime and bergamot’.

It was impossible to get hold of the exact perfume I’d fallen in love with, but my incredible boyfriend managed to find me an elusive bottle on eBay and surprised me with it last year! I use it very sparingly, maybe one spritz a week, as I’m trying to eke it out as long as possible – but it will always be my favourite perfume!

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift is the next up, and it’s my go to ‘every day’ perfume. The scent is described as having ‘sparkling fruity tones on a wooden background’ (I definitely prefer fruity fragrances to floral) and it’s a lovely, light, girly perfume. The design of the bottle is cute, it’s pretty inexpensive and I always get compliments when I wear it.

Lastly, Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf is the latest addition to my collection. This was a gift from my boyfriend for Christmast last year and I absolutely love it. It feels like quite a ‘grown up’ scent, so I alternate between this and Wonderstruck on a day to day basis.

Described as an oriental perfume, Flowerbomb has notes of bergamot and green tea, as well as jasmine and patchouli.


Aside from these main four, I have a bunch of rollerballs on rotation, and a few of my favourites are Vera Wang’s Princess (though one of my good friends wore this all through uni, so I don’t feel like I can ever really claim it as ‘my’ perfume, you know?), Lavanila Vanilla and Grapefruit and a lovely coconut scent from Forever 21 (who’d have thunk it?).

I store my perfumes on a tea tray next to my make up table, so they’re all displayed and easy to grab in the morning. It’s nice seeing everything that I have and it means I try a few different things, instead of just sticking to one.


What are some of your favourite perfumes? And how do you store yours?

Barry M Vintage Violet and Ballerina

5th November 2014

Barry M





Barry M is a brand I always turn to when I want a cheap and cheerful make up purchase. Their nail varnishes take up a huge proportion of my stash, and I recently added two more to my collection. Two of the Autumn/Winter releases, Vintage Violet and Ballerina, caught my eye and I snapped them up a couple of weeks ago.

I did take a picture of both of these on my nails but the colours really didn’t translate well in my photos (Polly Polish has really good, true to colour pictures of both if you wanted to check them out). Ballerina is a peachy pink that brings a bit of warmth to wintry outfits, and Vintage Violet is a lovely dusky purple that looks particularly great at this time of year. As I always find with Barry M, both colours lasted really well on me and I got through four days without any chips – for me, that’s really impressive!