Naked Face: April

So, make up is a wonderful thing. It can hide blemishes and imperfections and really help to boost your confidence. However, a solid base to work with is important, which is why I’ve been really paying attention to my skin this year and doing what I can to make sure it’s in the best shape possible.

I turned twenty five at the end of last year and, while I know I’m in no way over the hill, I think it’s at this point I really need to start taking care of my skin and trying to prevent dreaded wrinkles etc. Prevention is better than cure, after all.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to improve my skin and get into a proper skin care routine, which I’ve done really well at sticking to. I’ve noticed a huge different in my skin since the beginning of the year but there are still a few problem areas I’m working on. I thought it might be helpful for me to take pictures of my bare skin once a month to see how these issues improve as I search for the perfect lifestyle changes and products to help me.

I used to suffer quite badly with dry skin on my forehead and I found it difficult to keep that in check and not make the rest of my face too oily. Luckily, though, that’s managed to sort itself out and my skin is now fairly even across my whole face/neck.

I don’t have a pretty complex skin care routine but it’s working well for me at the moment. I’ve noticed spots are few and far between and my overall skin tone is much more even, which is nice! As well as looking after my skin with pampering products I’ve also completely changed my diet and started drinking a lot more water – which has made an unparalleled difference. Keeping hydrated is the one thing that’s made the most difference to me.

So, after a shower yesterday I snapped a few pictures of me as stripped back as I could be. No make up, no moisturiser, unplucked and unfilled eyebrows, wet hair – the works! I thought this would be the best way to see my skin how it really is without any attention at all, so it’s easiest to pick out which issues in my complexion I want to try and work on.

Side shot in natural light.

Here I think the biggest thing is my dark circles! I’ve always suffered from them, they’re the bane of my life and I use a daily eye gel but I’d love to find a skin care product specifically for reducing dark circles – any suggestions?

I also want to make my skin tone more even across my cheeks, as I do have some redness. Oh, and the pores – oh LORD, the pores! My pores have definitely reduced since the beginning of the year but they’re still waving hello from my nose – I’ve got a couple of primers, which are great when I’m applying make up, and the Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser but if anybody else knows of a product it might be worth me trying please let me know!

Opposite side shot in artificial light

So this is how my face looks in artificial light. My lights are quite harsh and they really show up the pores on my nose and across my cheeks, as well as the dreaded dark circles. No, I know they’re not too bad all things considered and I am pretty pleased with the results of my skin care regime so far but I’d really like to brighten up my eye area – suggestions are more than welcome!

Whole face in natural light

 And, finally, my whole face in natural light. Again, the main things I notice are the redness across my cheeks and just underneath my nose. Overall, though, I am happy that the effort I’ve put in has been rewarded and it’s really spurred me on to keep up with the whole cleansing/moisturising/face masking malarky!

So there we go – my naked face. I’m going to take a set of pictures in the same poses/location at the beginning of next month and post the results on a monthly basis so I can keep a check on how things are going.

Now, I really need suggestions for products that will minimise pores, even out skin tone and decrease dark circles – I can’t really shell out for anything particularly high end but please do leave any recommendations you have and I’ll try a few out for next month!

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