Sweet Cecily’s Lip Balms: Mojito, Pina Colada and Espresso Martini

So, a particularly exciting and gorgeously wrapped package arrived for me the other day and as soon as I saw the logo on the envelope I couldn’t wait to delve in and discover what was inside.

Sweet Cecily’s is a natural skincare brand that’s famous for beautiful packaging and lovely products – everything is handmade by Cecily on the North Yorkshire Moors, so it’s great to see a truly homegrown brand doing such great things. Three cheers for Sweet Cecily’s, eh?
So, shall we have a look at what was inside?
(Apologies for the wishy washy colours in this one – the clouds were being a pain!)
Pina Colada Lip Balm*

This balm smells of the gorgeous cocktail that’s completely reminiscent of summer – coconut and pineapple and everything exotic, this is just like a beach holiday in a pretty little tin.

Espresso Martini Lip Balm*

Sweet Cecily’s latest lip balm creation (launching in September) is Espresso Martini, which smells exactly like the swanky cocktail. The smell of coffee is what hits you as soon as you open the tin and it lasts and lasts – my boyfriend kissed me a couple of hours after I’d put this on and he could still taste the flavour. So this one definitely passes the smooch test!

Mojito Lip Balm*

Saving the best for last, I was so excited to discover Sweet Cecily’s has a mojito flavoured lip balm! I’m definitely a mojito girl and no night out for drinks passes without me ordering one of my favourite cocktails – the humble mojito. There’s something about the blend of mint, lime and sugar (and rum, of course) that goes together perfectly and this couldn’t be a lovelier flavour of lip balm.
All of the Sweet Cecily’s balms taste gorgeous, apply super smoothly and keep my lips hydrated and moisturised for hours – they’ve certainly had a good test with the weather we’ve been having! I definitely recommend you check these out, not only is the price great and the formula perfect, you’ll also be supporting a great homegrown company.
All of the lip balms mentioned retail for £2.95 and can be purchased from the Sweet Cecily’s website.

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