SmartSun Wristbands

Hi all! Just a quick one from me today to share an awesome summertime product that I was recently sent for review.

Now the weather’s heating up I thought it’d be the best time to talk to you about SmartSun, a site that talks all about how to stay safe in the sun and the brand that produced the awesome SmartSun Wristbands I was lucky enough to test out earlier this week.

We all know how hard it is to remember to reapply SPF throughout the day when the sun is shining but popping some on in the morning isn’t enough – you’d be surprised how quickly you need to reapply when it’s as hot as it is this week! This is where the SmartSun Wristbands come in – just wear one while you’re in the sun and it’ll turn beige when you need to reapply SPF, and pink when it’s time to stay out of the sun.


I tested mine out yesterday and I was surprised how quickly my band turned beige – I definitely wouldn’t have reapplied SPF for another hour or so, so it was a really handy guide to help keep me safe from too much sun exposure.

These bands would be a fantastic idea if you’re heading to the beach or on holiday, or even if you’re heading to a festival where you might be too preoccupied to remember to reapply your sun screen. You can order the product through Amazon and it’s just £4.99 for 5 bands.

For more information about SmartSun head to their website, Facebook page or Twitter.

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