Pedikur Herbal Hand & Foot Cream

 Hello guys! Today I wanted to tell you guys about a product that might not be glamorous but is certainly something every beauty lover should have in their cosmetic drawers – good old foot cream.

This hideous weather we’ve been having is not good for our skin in general (thanks cold weather and horrible wind for my chapped laps and dry forehead!) but it can really take its toll on our feet. Yup – if you’re looking for a glam post today is not that day, my friends.

I have a bit of a thing about feet, like I think most people do. They’re just not very attractive, are they? Might as well keep them looking as nice as possible and a great way to do that is to use a foot cream, and in the winter months maybe invest in an industrial strength cream to keep cracked heels at bay!

The lovely chaps over at Beauty Chamber recently sent me a pot of the Pedikur Herbal Cream* to review and this has been my cream of choice for the last few weeks. It’s full of sage, thyme and rosemary so you can imagine the gorgeous smell! I’m a big herbal fan so this is the perfect scent for me – I can’t get enough of it.

The pot looks quite small but you can use this sparingly and it still does a great job; I’ve used it every day for about three weeks and you can see from the picture below that I’ve still got a load left. The cream came with some cotton moisturising socks, so I apply the cream before bed, pop the socks on and let it do its magic while I have a snooze. Easy!

When I first had a look at this one I have to admit that I wasn’t struck on the packaging; there wasn’t anything in particular that put me off but when I compared it to my usual foot cream (Soap and Glory’s Heel Genius) it seemed a bit lacklustre. However, this has taught me not to judge a book by its cover (or a cream by its packaging!) as this is a great little product to keep your feet nice and smooth. I’ll definitely be reaching for this when/if we get any sort of summer this year, as it’ll be perfect for getting my feet flip flop ready!

To have a look at the Pedikur Herbal Cream in more detail you can click here to have a gander on the Beauty Chamber website.

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