Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation

Throughout my years at university my staple foundation was the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation, which gave me a light, flawless finish. I was in one of my local cheapy shops the other day picking up some baking supplies and the make up display caught my eye. 

I don’t usually bother looking at make up in discount shops, as I know it’s often opened or out of date, but I spotted a few Maybelline foundations that were sealed so took a closer took and spotted the Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam foundation. On a whim I decided to buy it and it was only when I got home and read the reviews online I thought I might have made a mistake…
It’s pretty impossible to find a positive review of this online… oh dear. I thought maybe the reviews were a bit harsh and tried it out for myself… Nope, if anything they were a bit forgiving as I can easily say this is the worst beauty product I’ve tried in my life. Across all categories. Yup, it’s that bad.
The packaging is nice enough but certainly nothing special. The product is an ‘air-infused’ foundation that promises a nude perfect finish and easy application. You dispense it via the pump at the top and it comes out in the foamy formula you can see below. Be warned, if you don’t shake it properly you’ll end up with a palmful of white mousse…

It’s a soft, light mousse that feels very watery as soon as you touch it. As you can see below, the bubbles soon disappear and you’re left with a watery mixture that takes a *lot* of buffing to work into the skin:

After a few minutes of buffing this is what you’re left with – an orangey, streaky mess that somehow manages to be oily and drying at the same time. It looks a lot better on my hand than it did on my face, where it managed to make my entire face look greasy but also clung to any dry patches of skin – what a great combo!

However heard you try, it’s impossible to get a good finish with this. It just sat on top of my skin and promptly disappeared after a couple of hours. Honestly, don’t get tempted by the gimmick like I did – this is truly terrible and I can’t imagine any skin type that this would be good for. Run like the wind.

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