Lush Halloween/Christmas Haul and Reviews!

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Hello everybody! I’m back after taking a little blog break. I decided to take a couple of weeks off of blogging so I could knuckle down and finish writing my novel, which I managed to do last Thursday. Hooray! Typing ‘THE END’ is such an exhilarating feeling and I’m so proud of myself for finally finishing it.

Anyway, I’m back and today I’m sharing a few snaps of some goodies I recently picked up from the Lush Halloween and Christmas ranges.

Every year I get a little overexcited when the Autumn/Winter Lush products are released – and now I’ve converted my boyfriend to the joy of Lush he can’t resist picking up a few things either. A few weeks ago we headed into Bath for a Lush-themed shopping trip and came out with, uh, just a few things…

Although we pretty much cleared the shop out, here are a few of my favourite picks:

Lushs CollageFirst up is a brand new product for this year, Northern Lights (£3.50). It’s part of the Christmas range and is a bath bomb, so it’s single use, though I’ve heard some people say they’ve snapped it in half to get two uses out of it. This one has a neon green and blue centre, so while it’s fizzing around your bath it the creates the effect of the Northern Lights in your tub – clever, eh? It also contains little stars that melt on your skin – though according to the Lush website they’re edible! I wish I’d read that before I’d used mine! Snacks in the bath – is there anything Lush don’t think of?

Next we have the Sparkly Pumpkin (£3.50), a glitter-covered bubble bar that’s scented with juniperberry, lime and grapefruit. It has a lovely autumnal, slightly spicy scent that’s really refreshing, so it’s a great pick me up. You can get between four and six uses out of this one so it’s great value for money and this is my boyfriend’s favourite – he packed me off to Lush the other day with strict instructions to buy him three more; you can always tell a Lush product’s good when he starts hoarding it!

Now…an oldie but a goodie. Yay – Candy Mountain’s back (£2.75)! Scented with the unmistakable candy scent, made famous by Snow Fairy, Candy Mountain has become a Christmas staple. I managed to eke out last year’s stash until last month, and I’ll definitely be stocking up this year so I have enough to last me into 2015.

Sparkler (£3.50) is another new product for 2014 and it’s similar to Northern Lights, though this one’s from the Halloween range, so don’t miss out as it’ll only be in stores until Friday! If you like the scent of Rose Jam you’ll love this, as they share the same fragrance, and it’s been designed to fizz around your bath like a firework.

I don’t usually look at the soaps in Lush but couldn’t help giving the new soaps a sniff. Yog Nog (£3.40/100g) completely stood out and was so good I couldn’t leave without it. It reminded me a bit of a creme brûlée but the Lush website calls the scent a ‘fudgey blend of clove bud and ylang ylang oils’ – which sounds far more technical than my description. Just give it a sniff next time you’re in Lush – you won’t be able to resist.

Last up we have Starry Light, Star Bright (£3.50), back from last year. I saw this in action for the very first time yesterday and it’s definitely one of the most exciting Lush products I’ve seen so far. The silver glitter fizzes away to reveal spirals of yellow and a jelly centre of bright blue. It’ll turn your bath a lovely turquoise and turn the bubbles silver. The shea butter centre is super moisturising and, what’s more, you’ll leave your bath with an unmistakable silver lustre on your skin. Brilliant if, like me, you work from home – maybe not so great if you’re having a quick bath before a big meeting at work!

So those are my top six products from the Lush Halloween and Christmas ranges. I’m sure I’ll be posting more Lush reviews over the next few weeks, as I’ve got a lot of other products to try out! What are your favourite Lush products? Any you think should be on the list?


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