Arbonne – Brand Review

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying out some samples from Arbonne, a skincare brand who (I have to admit) I hadn’t heard much about until I was offered some samples to try out. I did a bit of background reading about the brand and discovered their main USP is the fact they use only the best, natural ingredients in their products.

Reading through the ingredients in each product I tested I noticed there were a lot of natural oils and nutrients that it was nice to know that the products I put on my skin weren’t filled with chemicals that would dry my skin out.

 I tested samples of night cream, day cream, toner, cleanser, serum and eye cream, as well as shampoo and conditioner and face primer. The samples were sent to me to test in exchange for an honest review.

First up, the packaging. Sure, it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most but first impressions are important and when so many products are on offer in the market it’s important for packaging to be eye-catching and get the product noticed. The Arbonne packaging is chic and simply designed, the products look great together and I think they’ve done a great job with branding, managing to keep the overall look of the packaging the same while having enough variety to keep things interesting.

The quality of the products feels great, creamy and light and not at all greasy, the day moisturiser soaked into my skin nice and quickly and didn’t leave a film or residue on top of my skin. The night cream was a little thick to apply and I did tie my hair back while I waited for it to settle into my skin as I felt like it could clog up my hair if it made contact with my face but by the morning it had completely disappeared, leaving my skin smooth and soft.

The star out of the skincare products I tested is the serum. My skin felt amazing after using it and I really noticed a difference to my complexion, it looked brighter and my complexion was more even. If you decide to give one skincare product from Arbonne a try make it the serum, it’s a gem!

I was also given a sample of the face primer and shampoo and conditioner. The primer was great and my make up did stay perfectly in place, even after a walk to and from work and a long day! What I would say about the primer, though, is that I didn’t notice any improvement over my £3 MUA tube. The shampoo and conditioner gave my hair a gorgeously glossy finish and I really did notice a difference – these are the two products I’d be most tempted to buy from Arbonne as my hair felt so lovely after washing; I couldn’t stop touching it!

Overall I was impressed with the products I tried samples of for Arbonne and if my budget was higher I’d definitely pick up the serum, eye cream and shampoo and conditioner. That said, I do recommend the brand to any of you with a higher disposable income!

For more information about the brand you can visit the website here or contact Louise here.

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