Cupcake Decorating with Yolli

Last week I received a lovely package from Yolli, who sent me a few baking-related bits and bobs to try out in my kitchen. I got stuck in and whipped up a batch of cupcakes last week, then used some of Yolli’s products to decorate them. I’m a bit of a cupcake decorating novice but had so much fun decorating them and trying out all different designs.
I haven’t used a piping bag since I was a child so I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but the Latex Piping Bag Yolli sent me was so easy to use and super easy to wash and dry – latex is definitely the way forward with baking supplies! I used the large size and it definitely is pretty sizeable – you’d fit loads and loads of icing in there but I only filled it about a third of the way up and it worked great.

I also tried out the 16 Piece Piping Nozzle Set and they were also really easy to use – I just picked out a nozzle, popped it inside the piping bag and off I went. As you can see this set has a massive selection to choose from and really does cover everything you’ll need – I tried out four of the nozzles this time but I’m excited to try out the rest, particularly the crescent shaped ones!


So, here are a few of the cupcakes! As you can see, I mixed up a few different bowls of buttercream icing so we had different colours to play with – I also made a batch of peppermint flavoured icing which was absolutely gorgeous.
For someone who hasn’t really piped icing before I think I did a pretty good job! A few of my early attempts were a bit ropey but it was great fun trying out the different nozzles and decorating the cupcakes with different sprinkles. Oh, and glitter, don’t forget about glitter.


So, what do you think? Do these look good enough to dive into right now or what?


To have a look at Yolli’s full range of products you can visit their website here.

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