Why I Cry (Or, Why I Learned to Shop Worrying and Weep All I Want)

I was at lunch with two of my best blogging buddies the other week (Amy from Amy Loves and Emily from Pretty Please – both of their blogs are amazing!) when we got onto the topic of how often we cry. Now, I’m a prolific crier and we spent the next half an hour shrieking with laughter when we talked about all the silly things that have made us cry… or not cry, in Iron Amy’s case (although we did break her with Hannah Maggs’ Draw My Life video, don’t worry).

I decided to write a blog post sharing all of the things that have made me cry in the last seven days because, well, it makes me chuckle to look back and see what a sap I am. I swear, pretty much the only time I’m not crying is when I’m feeling totally neutral emotionally, any other time (happy or sad), I’m usually bawling.

I sometimes see people answer ‘about me’ surveys on their blogs and say they can’t remember the last time they cried. REALLY? Man, if I haven’t cried in a 24 hour period there’s usually something seriously the matter with me. I love a good cry. It’s cleansing. But I’m still convinced that’s why I have dry skin…

So anyway, these are the things that have made me shed a tear over the last seven days:

When I couldn’t do a wide grip pull down in the gym because my wrists were too weak (frustrated tears)
When my boyfriend suggested my portion of stew was too big (frustrated tears)
When my boyfriend suggested I might be able to squat a bit deeper (‘omfg why don’t you do it then?’ tears – sorry, Simon, I know you were just trying to help!)

(In case you couldn’t tell, I wasn’t good at taking fitness criticism this week)

When their parents turned up to their photo shoots in the America’s Next Top Model final (happy tears)
When Ping won Masterchef (happy tears)
When I read an article that showed photos of dogs in the car after leaving shelters (happy tears)
When I read a Game of Thrones spoiler on Twitter (RAGE tears)

I *think* that’s it for the last seven days.

So, um, any other serial criers out there? Anyone? Bueller?

Me, all the damn time

2 thoughts on “Why I Cry (Or, Why I Learned to Shop Worrying and Weep All I Want)

  1. Emily Stoker

    How have I only just read this?! Pahahaha
    A lot of these sound very similar to things that make me cry. Especially squats.

    Today I cried for a good twenty minutes over ‘Baby of Mine’ from Dumbo – to be fair it’s heart-wrenching. Even my dad admitted it!

    Hope you’re well lovely xx


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