I’m Back, Baby!

So, I’ve been MIA for a big chunk of this year! Lots of things went on at the beginning of 2013 (see this post for more details) and I’ve needed a big Internet break to get things back on track so I’ve been pretty quiet on Twitter as well.

That said, I’m feeling better than I have for a bloody long time and I’m ready to come back and blog properly again! I’m feeling excited and inspired and I’ve really, really missed this so I’m raring to go. I’ve missed #bbloggers chats and hauling and chatting to everybody on Twitter and writing reviews and generally talking about make up for hours on end. I feel like I’ve missed so much – who should I be following, what amazing launches have I missed? Help me out, folks!

To get the ball rolling again I wanted to share a collection of photos that sum up what I’ve been doing with my time over the last month or so… generally spending too much money, eating too many carbs and being a very happy chappy indeed.

I’ve missed you guys; I’m glad to be back!

Big hair // Jenga at the pub // Beautiful Bertie // Bertie Kisses // Beer Garden // Taxi Selfies // Gorgeous Bath Spa // Me and the Chap // My Lovely Nan!

Lovely Chums // Epic Burger // First Fishtail Braid // Off to Afternoon Tea // Me and My Awesome Cousin // Cheeky London Trip // Bertie Loving the Summer // Me and the Boy Post-1,000,000 Jager Bombs // Trip to the Lake!

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