A Day in the Life: Productive vs. Unproductive

I see these daily diary posts on blogs and I’m always shocked at how productive everybody seems to be. Man, in comparison I’m an absolute sloth! It got me thinking that my productivity really does depend on the day – some days I’m on fire and by the next day I can be all burned out and completely slack off.

As a freelance writer my days vary wildly and it’s quite an unstructured lifestyle. Luckily I love working from home and I work well as my own boss but while I’m getting things up and running I don’t have work to do every day, which is where the particularly unproductive days come in!
I did a comparison of two daily diaries: one ‘productive’ day and one ‘unproductive’ day. I haven’t edited my activities at all – this is an honest look at exactly how I spent a couple of weekdays, eek.
                Productive                                                            Unproductive
07:10 – Got out of bed and had breakfast                       08:30 – Got out of bed
07:45 – Took my boyfriend to the station                        09:00 – Took the dog out
08:00 – Walked the dog                                                  09:30 – Sat on Facebook and Twitter 
08:45 – Did stretches, two sets of squats and a cycle      11:00 – Watched a Catfish marathon and spent
09:30 – Sat down to work                                                          most of it smdh
10:00 – Cleared out my email inbox                                13:30 – Went on Pinterest and felt depressed
10:30 – Wrote 1500 words                                                          about my lack of crafting skills
12:30 – Had a break for lunch                                         14:00 – Made a chicken and camembert
13.15 – Wrote 2000 words                                                           sandwich for lunch. Contemplated
16:00 – Scheduled blog posts for the following day                     making another one. Didn’t
17:00 – Picked my boyfriend up from the station             14:20 – Felt guilty about not doing any work
17:20 – Prepared dinner                                                             on my novel. Distracted myself by
18:00 – Sat down for dinner                                                       watching South Park
19:00 – Chilled/watched TV/read a book                        16:00 – Decided to become a yoga guru. Hurt
22:00 – Took the dog out for the last time                                   my hamstrings doing downward
22:30 – Bed time!                                                                       facing dog. Raged
                                                                                      17:00 – Picked my boyfriend up
                                                                                      17:20 – Debated the pros and cons of getting a 
                                                                                                  Chinese for dinner. Eventually went
                                                                                                  to Sainsburys and bought burrito
                                                                                       19:30 – Sat down to eat burritos/watch TV
                                                                                       21:00 – Raged when my favourites didn’t go                                                                                                                                               through on Masterchef
                                                                                       22:30 – Got into bed and watched Family Guy
                                                                                       23:10 – Went to sleep
So there you have it! Some days I’m a writing machine, other days it’s just a big of pile of fail. But hey, at least next time you have an off day you know I’ll be there in spirit, eating camembert sandwiches and Pinning crafts I’ll probably never make.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Productive vs. Unproductive

  1. Lucy Powrie

    I would do something similar, but most of my days are unproductive! It’s rare when I actually do something productive. I usually procrastinate my way through everything!

    Awesome post, Carly!

  2. cloveryness

    What a fun post, Carly! Some days I’m just on FIRE. Most days, however, not so much. I do find that the days I don’t get out of bed straight away are going to be the days I drag ass for everything. It’s pretty indicative of my day, how long it takes to get up and get moving!


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