No More Manicure Rage, Thanks to Julep

How many times have you painted a perfect manicure, only to completely screw up the last nail, scream in rage and rampage around the room bemoaning the folly of painting your nails with your non-dominant hand? Just me…? Nah, it can’t just be me.

I’ve been speaking to US nail varnish brand, Julep, about their newest invention which is supposed to make painting your nails (particularly with your non-dominant hand) an easy, enjoyable experience…rather than one filled with blood-curdling shrieks of ‘OMFG I’VE SMUDGED IT AGAIN’, which is what mani time usually sounds like in my house.

Launching today, Julep’s exciting new product is the Plie Wand, and here’s what all the fuss is about:

The Plie Wand is set to revolutionise the way you apply your varnish, making it easier to achieve neat manicures and fun nail art at home. To find out more about the Plie Wand, here’s a video from Julep’s CEO, Jane Park, talking about the product:
Looks pretty snazzy, right? It’s definitely something I’ll look at picking up the next time I’m in the US. I’ve got a couple of Julep polishes in my stash and they’re really lovely, unique colours – I just wish they were easier to get hold of on this side of the pond!

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