January Favourites!

At the risk of sounding like every single person blogging today, didn’t January fly by?
As tradition dictates, I wanted to share my monthly favourites with you guys, so you can hopefully get tempted into buying a couple of these gorgeous products yourselves, because if I can’t enable you to spend your cash on cosmetics then I’m failing as a blogger!

So falling under the make up category we’ve got:
Lancome Hynpose mascara, which makes my lashes super curly and thick.
Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, which hides my pores, is the absolute perfect match for my skintone and provides the perfect medium coverage all day long.
Benefit Sunbeam, which is providing a much needed bit of glow to my face when these dark, rainy days make my skin look lacklustre and dull.
Skin and body care: 
Emma Hardie Cleanser, which makes my skin soft and moisturised and removes every single trace of make up. Every rave review you’ve read of this is oh so true.
Herbal Essence Clarifying Shampoo, which has saved my roots from being a lank, greasy mess. Definitely interested to try other clarifying shampoos now I’ve seen what they can do!
Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel, which I picked up on a whim in the post-Christmas sale. Dear lord, this smells incredible (it’s the same scent as Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner).
And, finally, tools and misc. products:
ELF fan brush, which is perfect for dusting highlighter on my cheek bones to inject a bit of somethin’ somethin’ into my make up look.
Tangle Teezer, which means I no longer destroy my hair by brushing it while it’s wet. This glides through any tangles and really is as good as everybody says. I already have one for my dressing table and one in my shower and I want to get another one for my handbag soon. Addicted!
Diptyque candles, which unfortunately are just as beautiful as everybody says. Oh dear. That’s one expensive candle habit I’ve picked up…

So, what have you been loving so far in 2014? Let me know. And to finish, a picture of Bertie look very ‘Monday morning’ indeed.

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