The Lush Box

I love Lush. What an original statement for a blogger, right? Ha, but it’s easy to see why we all love that place so much. Gorgeous products, wonderful scents, cuter-than-cute product names and a pretty decent price tag. What’s not to love?

I store my ‘to use soon’ Lush products in a vase in our bathroom but the majority of my products are kept in a big cardboard box in one of my wardrobes, ready to be grabbed when I need to lay in a deep bath and surround myself with candy scented bubbles. Mmm, I quite fancy a bath right now after typing that!
I added a couple of new products to my Lush box earlier today and it made me realise I really do have a lot of things stashed away – oops! Time to start shopping the stash and stop, well, shopping the shop!
Products I’m loving at the moment? Rose Jam shower gel, the Comforter bubble bar, Cinders bath bomb (this was a Christmas limited edition, I think) and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner.
How do you store your Lush products? Do you tend to stockpile your favourite products or just pop into Lush as and when you fancy trying something new?

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