My Lip Care Routine

I’ve always suffered with fairly dry lips. I’m lucky enough that they don’t get so dry they crack but I definitely need a lip balm on my person at all times! I’ve found that suffering from dry lips means I experiment less with lip colours as I feel like they don’t wear very well on me.

So, after getting sick of sticking with natural lip colours and wanting to try something a bit bolder I decided to look into lip treatments that might help. I’ve got tens of lip balms that promise long-lasting sofntess and etc etc but I needed to get touch…and so I invested in a couple of lip exfoliators and they’ve done the world of good!

I actually combine two products to exfoliate my lips and so far so good, I’ve been using this method for about three or four month now and I can really notice the difference. I’m experimenting a lot more with bolder lip colours and it’s really nice to actually get to try out some of the bright colours I have in my make up drawers! Especially during this hot weather I don’t really feel like wearing much on my face or eyes, so it’s nice to be able to brighten up my complexion with a bright pink lip!

So, first of all I cover my lips in Lush’s Mint Julips and rub my lips together for a few seconds to smooth out any rough skin, I then use the ELF Lip Exfoliator on top of the Mint Julips to really exfoliate and remove any dead skin. After wiping off any excess I slick on some Vaseline or Palmers lip butter and let that sink in before I apply any other lip products. It’s worked wonders!

I do recommend both Mint Julips and ELF’s Lip Exfoliator but if you’re only going to go with one then make it Mint Julips – it smells and tastes incredible and it lasts for an absolute age. I’ve had this since March and you can see the tiny dent I’ve made in it!

Do any of you guys exfoliate your lips? What are your favourite products? Or do you recommend anything else to banish dry skin and keep your lips soft and moisturised?

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