A Freelancer’s Emergency Kit

So last week I left my office job to make it on my own as a freelance writer. Exciting, right? Scary, too!

I’ve been freelancing part time and working part time for the last two or so years and I’m now in a position that I have money for a few months saved up so I can dedicate a bit of time to finding new clients and becoming a fully-fledged freelancer. 
It’s day three of being my own boss and so far…well, I love it. I have time to get up and make my boyfriend breakfast, take him to the station, do a bit of shopping if I need to pick up groceries and take my dog for a big walk, all before 9am. It’s great! I’ve spent my first three days chasing up leads for new contracts (fingers crossed they come in soon!), writing blog posts, watching a LOT of Pretty Little Liars and baking. I think I’ve baked more in the last three days than I have in the last month, so I’ve got lots of recipes coming up soon!
On my last day my lovely mum surprised me with a little bag of goodies that she dubbed the ‘Freelancer’s Emergency Kit’, which I wanted to share with you guys because I thought it was so sweet!

So, the kit includes:
Heat magazine: So on a bad day you can always see someone is worse off than you are

Chocolate: In case you’re having a down day
Food voucher: So you won’t have to go hungry
Boots voucher: So you can stay pretty

Isn’t that the sweetest thing? I bloody love my mum!
And I also wanted to share a snap of the card and leaving presents my workplace gave me – thanks guys, you know me so well! Lots of Lush goodness, yay!

2 thoughts on “A Freelancer’s Emergency Kit

  1. Beauty Bird

    What an amazing step – congratulations and good luck! Doing what you are doing would be my absolute dream – maybe one day! What a sweet present from your mum xx


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