My Fitness Journey: Month Two

Last month I wrote a post about the beginning of my fitness journey, and now I’ve just passed the two month milestone I wanted to share my progress.

In short, it’s going pretty darn well! At the end of the two month mark my total losses are:
23 inches
I can’t quite believe I can make such a difference to my body in just eight weeks. I’ve lost four inches from my waist, four and a half from my hips, four from my chest – I’m really pleased to see it’s all coming off in proportion, so hopefully I’ll keep an hourglass figure as I lose size.
I’m still weight training three times a week (except for last week, which was, um, a bit slack…) but I’m not doing any cardio that goes beyond walking my dog. As I’m getting fitter and stronger I want to look at introducing more cardio, I’m just settling on what form at the moment – so if anyone has any suggestions about great cardio for beginners who are still finding their feet with fitness, please let me know!
In terms of diet, I’m definitely winning the war on portion control and making healthy choices. I had a ‘naughty’ meal last night because my boyfriend was away, which consisted of chicken, rice and blue cheese. If we rewound six months and I’d been in the same situation I probably would have ordered in a £25 Chinese feast, so it’s really exciting to see how far I’ve come without even really realising it.
Living healthily has been wonderful for my mental well-being as well, which I think we often overlook. Eating home-cooked meals, drinking enough water and moving my body more has had the best effect on my mood (which I’m sure my boyfriend would agree with – no more meltdowns in the gym because I can’t squat deep enough!) and I’m completely full of energy. I blitz through my to-do list every day and am getting so much done I’m always knackered by bed time, which means I’m sleeping like an absolute log for eight hours a night. Sleep is key!
So that’s it from me on the fitness front for now, I do want to start doing more fitness posts but I’m still learning so much about health and nutrition I want to educate myself a little more before I start blogging about it – soon, though!
For now, I want to leave you with a few motivations that have been really helping me stay on track:

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