Hair Colour Inspiration!

So now summer is approaching I feel like it’s time to change up my hair! As you might know I don’t really get my hair cut in a salon very often. I tend to just trim it at home and take care of it myself but every so often I do go to get it sorted out properly, and that time has come round again.
I’ve been having a think about what I’d like to get done and I feel like a change when it comes to my colour; my natural colour is dark reddy brown and I dye it every six months a slightly darker red, just to deepen things a bit. However, I do fancy something a bit different so I’d like to lighten things up, get some caramel highlights and just lift things a bit.
When it comes to hair inspiration is there anywhere to go other than Pinterest? Nope. I put together a little collage of some pictures that I’ll be showing my hairdresser when I go to get my new colour. Yay! Summery hair awaits!

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