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A Freelancer’s Emergency Kit

12th March 2014

So last week I left my office job to make it on my own as a freelance writer. Exciting, right? Scary, too!

I’ve been freelancing part time and working part time for the last two or so years and I’m now in a position that I have money for a few months saved up so I can dedicate a bit of time to finding new clients and becoming a fully-fledged freelancer. 
It’s day three of being my own boss and so far…well, I love it. I have time to get up and make my boyfriend breakfast, take him to the station, do a bit of shopping if I need to pick up groceries and take my dog for a big walk, all before 9am. It’s great! I’ve spent my first three days chasing up leads for new contracts (fingers crossed they come in soon!), writing blog posts, watching a LOT of Pretty Little Liars and baking. I think I’ve baked more in the last three days than I have in the last month, so I’ve got lots of recipes coming up soon!
On my last day my lovely mum surprised me with a little bag of goodies that she dubbed the ‘Freelancer’s Emergency Kit’, which I wanted to share with you guys because I thought it was so sweet!

So, the kit includes:
Heat magazine: So on a bad day you can always see someone is worse off than you are

Chocolate: In case you’re having a down day
Food voucher: So you won’t have to go hungry
Boots voucher: So you can stay pretty

Isn’t that the sweetest thing? I bloody love my mum!
And I also wanted to share a snap of the card and leaving presents my workplace gave me – thanks guys, you know me so well! Lots of Lush goodness, yay!

A Weekend Away and a Writing Update

12th February 2014
So I’ve had a little blogging break! It’s lovely sometimes, isn’t it, to just switch off for a bit and recharge your batteries? I think we all need it every once in a while and I certainly recharged mine in a big way last weekend.
I headed off to a gorgeous cottage in Wiltshire for a long weekend with my writing group, which is made up of three of my best friends in the whole world. We spent three awesome days writing, gossiping, eating, drinking and, most of all, laughing until our faces hurt. It was brilliant and absolutely what I needed.
I’m just over 12,000 words through the first draft of my latest novel so I’m just coming out of that honeymoon period that so often accompanies the first 10k. I’m into the flow of the story, I’m getting to know my characters really well and it’s all working rather nicely. Long may it continue, I say! I’m setting myself a deadline of March 31st for finishing the first draft, which I think is perfect. It’ll keep the pressure on me but it’s definitely doable – 50,000 words in seven weeks, piece of cake.
Maybe. Possibly.
We’ll see.