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Welcome to 2015!

1st January 2015


So 2015 is here! What did you all get up to last night? As usual, I had a quiet night in with my boyfriend and had a token glass of champagne – I’ve always kept New Year’s Eve low-key after I worked in retail while I was a student and always had to work on January 1st!

I know lots of people hated 2014 but it was the best year of my life so I’ve got my fingers crossed that 2015 will be just as good, or even better. I’ve got lots of things I want to achieve and I’m really excited to be blogging again after taking a little break at the end of last year. I’ve already been taking hundreds of photos for future blog posts so I’m itching to get back into the swing of things!

One of the first things I want to do is finish editing my novel and get it sent out to agents – eeeek! That’s the biggest thing I’m working towards in the first few months of the year, then after that I want to turn my attention to my copywriting company. One of my bigger contracts is coming to an end shortly so I’ll have some space for new clients, which is always exciting!

I’m trying to give myself a bit more structure when it comes to blogging, so my plans are to post about beauty on Mondays and Fridays and then something lifestyle-related on a Wednesday. I’d also love to start putting together a few videos here and there…so watch this space!

Anyway, that’s all from me today. Comment below to let me know your biggest goals for 2015!

A Christmas Break

12th December 2014

Hey guys,

Just a quick one from me to let you know that I won’t be posting regularly for the rest of the year – I’m giving myself a little break so I’ll be fresh and invigorated for 2015! I’ve worked pretty much non-stop since I set up my little business in March so this will be the first holiday I’ve had all year and I am so, so, SO ready to spend three whole weeks relaxing, reading and generally lazing around and scoffing a lot of Christmas food, I expect.

I’m planning on posting a couple of times towards the end of the year, just a round up of 2014 etc etc, but even if things seem a bit quiet around here, I’ll be back very, very soon.

If I don’t speak to you all before then have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones…and don’t forget that it’s not Christmas if you’re not permanently stuffed full of very naughty food and drink.


Binge Watch TV!

7th November 2014

Hands up, who loves nothing more than a good Netflix binge? Yup, I’m with you. After a stressful day of work I love settling down on the sofa to stream episode after episode and escape into an entertaining bit of TV. I’m talking shows you can marathon episode after episode of and never get bored, you know what I mean. So, what are my favourite TV shows to binge watch?

RuPaul’s Drag Race


Of course RuPaul’s Drag Race was going to make this list! I’ve watched most of the series before but there’s nothing like binge watching half a series in one whack on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

In case you haven’t seen this one before, it’s basically America’s Next Top Model but with drag queens. Yup, it’s as amazing as it sounds and, even better, all six seasons are on Netflix.

If you’re a regular watcher, who are your favourites? I’m partial to a spot of Raja, Ben de la Creme, Alaska and Milk!

South Park


Ah, South Park, the show I started watching at eleven years old and never stopped watching! It was always on at 9pm on Channel 4 on Friday nights (if I remember correctly!) and I loved it from the first episode I ever watched (season two’s Spooky Fish Halloween special, come to think of it).

There’s nothing I can binge watch like South Park, and every single episode provides belly laughs, however many times I’ve watched it. I love American Dad and Family Guy too, but nothing beats South Park!

American Horror Story


Without doubt, the best show on TV at the moment, and one of my all-time favourites. I can’t get enough of AHS and can never decide which series is my favourite. Me and my boyfriend are rewatching Murder House (season one) at the moment – sooo good.

Basically, any horror fans or lovers of all things creepy need to watch this show in their lives! Each season tells a different story but features the same cast playing different roles. The list of guest stars is unparalleled and the star of the show is Jessica Lange, who is absolutely captivating in every role she plays.

There’s nothing like getting completely sucked into a series and racing through it in a matter of hours…while getting totally creeped out at the same time, of course!

Bob’s Burgers


A new discovery that I can thank my boyfriend for, Bob’s Burgers is an animated show that we always end up binge watching on a Friday while we’re having our weekly fajita night – funny little traditions we all have, eh?

Detailing the struggles of the Belcher family, who run a burger restaurant, Bob’s Burgers is absolutely hilarious and my new favourite show. It’s one of those brilliant animated shows that’s smart with its humour; the jokes are sharp, the characters are loveable, and it’s a great feel good show.

Pretty Little Liars


A blogger favourite, Pretty Little Liars is the ultimate binge watch TV, if you’re a fan of teen dramas. With so many twists and turns it’s almost impossible to keep up, this is the perfect show to lounge around in front of, whether you’re ill, hungover, or just chilling out.

As the plot is so full of twists and gets ridiculously complicated at points (I’ve completely lost track of whether certain characters are evil or not, so I’m just going with it), this is definitely a show that’s better to binge watch.

Oh, and you’ll find yourself swooning after the wardrobes of the girls, and the faces of the guys!


Those are five of my favourite TV shows to marathon my way through – but I want to know what your favourites are! Let me know, what else should I be watching?

YouTubers You Should Subscribe To!

4th November 2014

I’ve always had a bit of an on/off relationship with YouTube. When I was at uni I started to get into make up and used to spend ages watching make up tutorials, particularly the Fowlers, who were still filming in their family home bedrooms on blurry cameras back then!

After uni I didn’t really watch many YouTubers but I got back into it a couple of years ago and now have some firm favourites, so I thought I’d share a few of them with you today.

First up, my favourite YouTuber: Lily Melrose!


Lily has two channels, a main channel that’s dedicated to beauty and fashion videos, and a secondary channel that’s used mostly for vlogs. I’ve been reading Lily’s blog for years and years now – back when it used to be a graphics blog (yup, that long!) and when she started doing YouTube I subscribed instantly.

What I love about Lily’s videos (and her blog, actually) is that she’s 100% honest, 100% real, all of the time. I feel like everything she says it’s completely how she feels, whereas there are a few other big YouTubers who just churn out sponsored video after sponsored video, where everything is ‘sooooo nice’, who I don’t feel like I can trust.

When I watch her videos I feel like I’m sitting down to listen to one of my friends gossip about skincare and make up, which is exactly what I want from a YouTuber/blogger.

The Slow Mo Guys


It sounds like a really simple concept, doesn’t it, filming various things in slow motion? But I promise, if you haven’t watched the Slow Mo Guys before you need their videos in your life. Informative, funny and amazingly put together, they produce some of the best, most unique content on YouTube, and you’ll want to share every video you watch on Facebook and Twitter.

Vivianna Does Make Up


If you’re looking for someone who knows their shit, you need Anna’s videos in your life. She’s fun and knowledgeable and I always come away with a wishlist as long as my arm when I watch her videos. Plus, her collabs with Lily Pebbles are always fun, and it’s sweet to see two YouTubers who have a genuine friendship (rather than one that’s been directed by their management company – YEAH I WENT THERE).

Kids/Teens React (TheFineBros)


A series on TheFineBros’ channel, Kids React is, well, exactly what it sounds like. Kids are interviewed about a different topic, and their responses are collated into one video. Topics range from retro gaming consoles (you know nothing, children, the NES was LIFE), Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda Video and various movie trailers. They’re always hilarious, insightful and prove that we need to stop underestimating young people.

Lily Pebbles


I love Lily’s style. I think she always looks super chic but comfy at the same time, which is really the look we’re all after, isn’t it? I always have major knitwear envy after watching her videos and her nail varnish recommendations are always a hit. Now I’ve typed that it sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it, honing in on her nail varnish picks? But I’ve bought five or six polishes based on her recommendations and they’ve all been swell.

Epic Meal Time


Because…duh, who doesn’t want an all bacon burger in their lives? Me and my boyfriend get a lot of joy from Epic Meal Time, and the first meal we ever cooked together was the cheese stuffed BBQ meatballs from one of their videos! Bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips, I swear Epic Meal Time is the reason both bacon *and* beards are so popular at the moment. I swear, seriously.


Let me know, are you subscribed to any of my favourites? Who are your favourite YouTubers?


Blogging Every Day in November

1st November 2014

November always seems to be a month of getting things done. Whether it’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) or NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), everyone seems to kick their productivity up a notch and I’m following suit. I’ve just finished my novel so I won’t be taking part in NaNo this year, but I’m going to try to write a blog post every day, to help get myself up to date after taking a couple of weeks off.

I’ve got plenty of new posts planned and I’m looking forward to getting more organised with blogging – I’m treating November as a sort of month long Bloggiesta!