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January Favourites!

3rd February 2014
At the risk of sounding like every single person blogging today, didn’t January fly by?
As tradition dictates, I wanted to share my monthly favourites with you guys, so you can hopefully get tempted into buying a couple of these gorgeous products yourselves, because if I can’t enable you to spend your cash on cosmetics then I’m failing as a blogger!

So falling under the make up category we’ve got:
Lancome Hynpose mascara, which makes my lashes super curly and thick.
Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, which hides my pores, is the absolute perfect match for my skintone and provides the perfect medium coverage all day long.
Benefit Sunbeam, which is providing a much needed bit of glow to my face when these dark, rainy days make my skin look lacklustre and dull.
Skin and body care: 
Emma Hardie Cleanser, which makes my skin soft and moisturised and removes every single trace of make up. Every rave review you’ve read of this is oh so true.
Herbal Essence Clarifying Shampoo, which has saved my roots from being a lank, greasy mess. Definitely interested to try other clarifying shampoos now I’ve seen what they can do!
Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel, which I picked up on a whim in the post-Christmas sale. Dear lord, this smells incredible (it’s the same scent as Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner).
And, finally, tools and misc. products:
ELF fan brush, which is perfect for dusting highlighter on my cheek bones to inject a bit of somethin’ somethin’ into my make up look.
Tangle Teezer, which means I no longer destroy my hair by brushing it while it’s wet. This glides through any tangles and really is as good as everybody says. I already have one for my dressing table and one in my shower and I want to get another one for my handbag soon. Addicted!
Diptyque candles, which unfortunately are just as beautiful as everybody says. Oh dear. That’s one expensive candle habit I’ve picked up…

So, what have you been loving so far in 2014? Let me know. And to finish, a picture of Bertie look very ‘Monday morning’ indeed.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel

8th January 2014

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about a lovely, light moisturiser I’ve been using for the past couple of months. It’s one I grabbed in a last minute dash to Sephora while I was on holiday and I’m so glad I decided to go with this one, as my skin absolutely loves it.
It’s the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel, which also comes in a thicker lotion formula. I was looking for something nice and light to use as a day moisturiser under my make up, so decided on the gel formula. I’ve never used a gel moisturiser before but it’s the perfect consistency to soak quickly into my skin and give it that little boost that I so often need in the mornings.
My skin is dry, particularly in the winter months, so I was a little worried this wouldn’t be hard-hitting enough but I was pleasantly surprised. A light application before I put my make up on in the morning keeps me hydrated throughout the day and any dry patches that have appeared overnight are diminished.
A little of this goes a long way and I’ve been using it almost daily for two months and still have about two thirds left in the tube – I bought the smaller size as well so I’m really impressed!
The price of this is moderately high (£17 for this size tube) but for the usual Clinique high quality and how long it lasts I wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase this. It’s a perfect day moisturiser and, while it isn’t dense enough to rescue my skin as a night moisturiser, I’ll definitely continue to enjoy using this.

Arbonne – Brand Review

11th August 2013

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been trying out some samples from Arbonne, a skincare brand who (I have to admit) I hadn’t heard much about until I was offered some samples to try out. I did a bit of background reading about the brand and discovered their main USP is the fact they use only the best, natural ingredients in their products.

Reading through the ingredients in each product I tested I noticed there were a lot of natural oils and nutrients that it was nice to know that the products I put on my skin weren’t filled with chemicals that would dry my skin out.

 I tested samples of night cream, day cream, toner, cleanser, serum and eye cream, as well as shampoo and conditioner and face primer. The samples were sent to me to test in exchange for an honest review.

First up, the packaging. Sure, it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most but first impressions are important and when so many products are on offer in the market it’s important for packaging to be eye-catching and get the product noticed. The Arbonne packaging is chic and simply designed, the products look great together and I think they’ve done a great job with branding, managing to keep the overall look of the packaging the same while having enough variety to keep things interesting.

The quality of the products feels great, creamy and light and not at all greasy, the day moisturiser soaked into my skin nice and quickly and didn’t leave a film or residue on top of my skin. The night cream was a little thick to apply and I did tie my hair back while I waited for it to settle into my skin as I felt like it could clog up my hair if it made contact with my face but by the morning it had completely disappeared, leaving my skin smooth and soft.

The star out of the skincare products I tested is the serum. My skin felt amazing after using it and I really noticed a difference to my complexion, it looked brighter and my complexion was more even. If you decide to give one skincare product from Arbonne a try make it the serum, it’s a gem!

I was also given a sample of the face primer and shampoo and conditioner. The primer was great and my make up did stay perfectly in place, even after a walk to and from work and a long day! What I would say about the primer, though, is that I didn’t notice any improvement over my £3 MUA tube. The shampoo and conditioner gave my hair a gorgeously glossy finish and I really did notice a difference – these are the two products I’d be most tempted to buy from Arbonne as my hair felt so lovely after washing; I couldn’t stop touching it!

Overall I was impressed with the products I tried samples of for Arbonne and if my budget was higher I’d definitely pick up the serum, eye cream and shampoo and conditioner. That said, I do recommend the brand to any of you with a higher disposable income!

For more information about the brand you can visit the website here or contact Louise here.

Naked Face: April

4th April 2013

So, make up is a wonderful thing. It can hide blemishes and imperfections and really help to boost your confidence. However, a solid base to work with is important, which is why I’ve been really paying attention to my skin this year and doing what I can to make sure it’s in the best shape possible.

I turned twenty five at the end of last year and, while I know I’m in no way over the hill, I think it’s at this point I really need to start taking care of my skin and trying to prevent dreaded wrinkles etc. Prevention is better than cure, after all.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to improve my skin and get into a proper skin care routine, which I’ve done really well at sticking to. I’ve noticed a huge different in my skin since the beginning of the year but there are still a few problem areas I’m working on. I thought it might be helpful for me to take pictures of my bare skin once a month to see how these issues improve as I search for the perfect lifestyle changes and products to help me.

I used to suffer quite badly with dry skin on my forehead and I found it difficult to keep that in check and not make the rest of my face too oily. Luckily, though, that’s managed to sort itself out and my skin is now fairly even across my whole face/neck.

I don’t have a pretty complex skin care routine but it’s working well for me at the moment. I’ve noticed spots are few and far between and my overall skin tone is much more even, which is nice! As well as looking after my skin with pampering products I’ve also completely changed my diet and started drinking a lot more water – which has made an unparalleled difference. Keeping hydrated is the one thing that’s made the most difference to me.

So, after a shower yesterday I snapped a few pictures of me as stripped back as I could be. No make up, no moisturiser, unplucked and unfilled eyebrows, wet hair – the works! I thought this would be the best way to see my skin how it really is without any attention at all, so it’s easiest to pick out which issues in my complexion I want to try and work on.

Side shot in natural light.

Here I think the biggest thing is my dark circles! I’ve always suffered from them, they’re the bane of my life and I use a daily eye gel but I’d love to find a skin care product specifically for reducing dark circles – any suggestions?

I also want to make my skin tone more even across my cheeks, as I do have some redness. Oh, and the pores – oh LORD, the pores! My pores have definitely reduced since the beginning of the year but they’re still waving hello from my nose – I’ve got a couple of primers, which are great when I’m applying make up, and the Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser but if anybody else knows of a product it might be worth me trying please let me know!

Opposite side shot in artificial light

So this is how my face looks in artificial light. My lights are quite harsh and they really show up the pores on my nose and across my cheeks, as well as the dreaded dark circles. No, I know they’re not too bad all things considered and I am pretty pleased with the results of my skin care regime so far but I’d really like to brighten up my eye area – suggestions are more than welcome!

Whole face in natural light

 And, finally, my whole face in natural light. Again, the main things I notice are the redness across my cheeks and just underneath my nose. Overall, though, I am happy that the effort I’ve put in has been rewarded and it’s really spurred me on to keep up with the whole cleansing/moisturising/face masking malarky!

So there we go – my naked face. I’m going to take a set of pictures in the same poses/location at the beginning of next month and post the results on a monthly basis so I can keep a check on how things are going.

Now, I really need suggestions for products that will minimise pores, even out skin tone and decrease dark circles – I can’t really shell out for anything particularly high end but please do leave any recommendations you have and I’ll try a few out for next month!

Olay Regenerist 3-Point Treatment Cream

22nd January 2013

I’ve spent the last few years searching for the perfect day time moisturiser for my skin. I’ve tried more expensive brands, cheaper brands, ‘miracle’ creams and homemade creams. I did settle on one of the Simple moisturisers for a while but I find that’s only suitable for my skin during warmer months when it doesn’t get quite so dry. I do get quite dry skin in the winter so I need something that’s quite thick and nourishing without taking too long to sink into my face or being greasy.

I’m very, very pleased to say I’ve finally found my perfect moisturiser, at long last. Enter the Olay Regenerist 3-Point Treatment Cream. I picked up one of these in the Amazon Black Friday sales and I’ve just repurchased it. I’m so happy with it and it’s so good for my skin that I’ve stopped my search – this is the moisturiser for me!
The formula is quite thick but it sinks into my skin beautifully and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. I find my make-up applies like a dream on top of it and it keeps my skin soft and moisturised all day long. It does a really great job of evening out my skin as well – my skin can be quite combination in the winter and it manages to moisturise the drier areas and mattify any oily areas, which is brilliant.

This is also an anti-ageing cream and promises that after four weeks you’ll notice a difference in areas prone to sagging, a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and an increase in the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. While I (luckily) don’t really have any saggy facial areas yet (!), I have noticed that the little wrinkles around my eyes are reduced and my skin definitely feels more supple and smooth.

I honestly can’t recommend this one highly enough – the cream smells really lovely and it feels so luxurious. The tub lasts me for about three months so it’s great value for money. It retails for £30 at Boots but is available for £9.59 on Amazon, which is a complete bargain!

Have you ever used any Olay moisturisers? What’s your go-to day cream?