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Out and About: A Picnic at Stourhead

30th July 2014
Last weekend we headed to Stourhead for a picnic and I wanted to share a few of my favourite snaps with you. I’m lucky to live close to Stourhead but even if you’re not local, it’s well worth a visit because it’s absolutely stunning and a fantastic day out. I’ve been coming to Stourhead since I was a kid and I love it more and more every time I visit.
The scenery is incredible and you won’t be able to stop taking photos – I took well over 100 and we were only there for an afternoon! There’s a gorgeous lakeside walk that takes you all around the gardens, through a 250 year old grotto and past the famous pavillion, which you’ll probably recognise from a few movies – it’s definitely in the Pride and Prejudice remake.
Anyway, I’ll stop wittering on and leave you enjoy some of the photos I took, hopefully they’ll convince you to visit the gorgeous Stourhead this summer!

Homemade parmesan and sesame seed lollipops – amazing!

A Very Bertie Photoshoot

23rd June 2014
I used the new lens for my camera for the first time the other day – and it was love at first click! I desperately needed something, anything, to take photos of so I went straight for my favourite subject – my long-suffering and eternally patient pet, Bertie.

Now, I talk about Bertie a *lot* on Twitter and Instagram but he’s so darned awesome it’s impossible not to. He makes me laugh every single day and he’s the smartest dog I’ve ever met in my twenty six years – not that I’m biased or anything. He just turned four in April and, if I do say so myself, I think he makes a pretty perfect model. I did just snap these photos to test out my new lens but after seeing how great they turned out I decided to share a few of my favourites.
I can pretend this was a yawn until the cows come home but I’m pretty sure I snapped him mid ‘stahhhhp taking photos’ face
So there we go, another post dedicated to that fluffy-eared fuzzball that is my loyal hound. Now, er, did someone say walkies?

More Doggy Photos!

20th April 2014

So I know not everybody out there is a fan of dogs but, well, I am so prepare for another instalment of dog walk photos!

We had family visiting last weekend so after a huge Sunday roast we headed off on a family dog walk with our dog (Bertie), my mum’s dog (Ernie) and my uncle’s dog (Star). We had a lovely mooch through our village, across the fields and then down the canal to get home; it was a gorgeous day and it always makes me smile to see the three dogs playing together. Love those pooches!
Anyway, I took a few photos and I love some of them so much I wanted to share them with you. What do you think?

26th Birthday Photos

27th February 2014
Birthday face // Amazing sparkler candles! // My gorgeous mum and her dog, Ernie // My beautiful nan // Fantastic decorations my boyfriend made to decorate our living room on the day // More cheese, of course // My hottie boyfriend pretending he doesn’t want his picture taken
This post is a little late…two months late, in fact! I turned 26 at the end of last year and had the most beautiful day. I was lucky enough to be given a new camera as one of my presents so I took a few snaps throughout the day to try it out. I’ve just got around to organising them so thought I’d make a little collage of my favourites to share with you.
As you can see from the photos – food featured heavily, of course! After my boyfriend made me a giant stack of pancakes (with chopped banana and Nutella, yum!) for breakfast, me and my mum went for a lovely cream tea at my favourite tea rooms in our local town. After unwrapping my presents and playing with my camera my family prepared a brilliant buffet tea that involved a LOT of cheese – perfect!
After far too much food I settled down with my boyfriend, mum, nan, the dogs and a hefty glass of champagne to watch Love Actually and enjoy the rest of my night. It was an absolutely perfect day and I’m glad a took a few photos so I can remember it in years to come.
What’s your idea of the perfect birthday? Mine doesn’t stretch much further than family, food and relaxing but do let me know your ideas in the comments.