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Barry M Vintage Violet and Ballerina

5th November 2014

Barry M





Barry M is a brand I always turn to when I want a cheap and cheerful make up purchase. Their nail varnishes take up a huge proportion of my stash, and I recently added two more to my collection. Two of the Autumn/Winter releases, Vintage Violet and Ballerina, caught my eye and I snapped them up a couple of weeks ago.

I did take a picture of both of these on my nails but the colours really didn’t translate well in my photos (Polly Polish has really good, true to colour pictures of both if you wanted to check them out). Ballerina is a peachy pink that brings a bit of warmth to wintry outfits, and Vintage Violet is a lovely dusky purple that looks particularly great at this time of year. As I always find with Barry M, both colours lasted really well on me and I got through four days without any chips – for me, that’s really impressive!

Autumn Nail Varnish Picks

15th September 2014

The leaves have started to turn, there’s a distinct nip in the air and the nights are gradually starting to draw in… Yup, summer’s over and autumn’s on the horizon. With autumn officially beginning on September 22nd I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about six of the colours I’ll be wearing on my nails in the coming months.

I’m pretty traditional when it comes to autumn colours. I love mustard yellows, deep greens and rich burgundies. I think they go so well with a season of harvest and richness and I’m already filling my wardrobe with these luxurious, gorgeous colours.


First up, we’ve got one of the Barry M Autumn/Winter Gelly releases, Mustard. This one’s been talked about a *lot* online and I couldn’t resist picåking it up in a Boots haul a couple of weeks ago. I’m not a big wearer of yellow on my nails but I’m glad I took a chance on this as it’s something a bit different and will bring me out of the burgundy/purple/navy rotation I usually have going on.
Next is something which is going to be a big pain for you if you like the look of it, as I think it was a limited edition shade from Halloween last year. It’s shade 1134 Black Magic from Sinful Colors and I picked it up in Florida last year. I don’t think I wore it at all last year but I tried it out last week and absolutely love it. It’s a shimmery grey base with burnt orange glitter and I’ve never seen anything like it before. This will go perfectly with so many of my autumn dresses and provides a nice little somethin’ somethin’ to make a plain outfit a bit more exciting.

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No More Manicure Rage, Thanks to Julep

25th June 2014

How many times have you painted a perfect manicure, only to completely screw up the last nail, scream in rage and rampage around the room bemoaning the folly of painting your nails with your non-dominant hand? Just me…? Nah, it can’t just be me.

I’ve been speaking to US nail varnish brand, Julep, about their newest invention which is supposed to make painting your nails (particularly with your non-dominant hand) an easy, enjoyable experience…rather than one filled with blood-curdling shrieks of ‘OMFG I’VE SMUDGED IT AGAIN’, which is what mani time usually sounds like in my house.

Launching today, Julep’s exciting new product is the Plie Wand, and here’s what all the fuss is about:

The Plie Wand is set to revolutionise the way you apply your varnish, making it easier to achieve neat manicures and fun nail art at home. To find out more about the Plie Wand, here’s a video from Julep’s CEO, Jane Park, talking about the product:
Looks pretty snazzy, right? It’s definitely something I’ll look at picking up the next time I’m in the US. I’ve got a couple of Julep polishes in my stash and they’re really lovely, unique colours – I just wish they were easier to get hold of on this side of the pond!

Butter London Nail Varnish in Royal Navy

11th November 2013

I’ve been eyeing Butter nail varnishes for a long time now. All the swatches I see online are gorgeous and I kept hearing great things about the formula and staying power but I couldn’t quite bring myself to drop £12.50 on a nail varnish when my £2.99 Barry M jobs do me fine.

However, I’m on a quest to start choosing quality over quantity so I took advantage of the exchange rate while I’m Florida and decided to pick up a Butter polish, bearing in mind the $15 price tag equals a big saving over the UK price.

I’ve read a few great posts about navy nails over the last few weeks so I thought I’d combine my two nail varnish wants and go for a Butter London varnish in navy.

After a quick look in Ulta I decided to go for Royal Navy, which is one of those delicious blues that is so dark is can appear almost black and it’s exactly what I was looking for.

Everything I’d read about the formula was right – the polish goes on even and one coat provides excellent full coverage. I’ve had this on for three days so far and there’s no sight of even the tiniest chip – and I am not delicate with my nails so I usually find varnish doesn’t last more than 48 hours on me without chipping.

Now the only problem is that I’m a definite convert… My Butter London wishlist is pretty darn healthy, which means my bank balance definitely isn’t going to be!

Topshop Nail Varnish in Pluto

14th April 2013

I think the Topshop beauty line is one of the best reviewed out there, when it comes to both quality and value for money. I’ve read so many comparisons to MAC lipsticks and higher end products that I decided to bite the bullet and see what all the fuss was about.

Playing it safe, I decided to pick up a nail varnish first, partly because I’m a nail varnish hoarder and partly because I don’t have particularly high standards for varnishes anyway. I only wear them for a couple of days at a time so staying power isn’t hugely important for me. Plus, they all look so amazing I couldn’t resist! In the end I opted for Pluto, which is a chunky purple glitter I couldn’t say no to.

I’m pleased to say this varnish 100% lives up to the hype about Topshop products – it’s easy to apply, great quality and has excellent staying power; I know I said this isn’t particularly important to me but this one lasted so well I ended up leaving it on for almost a week and there wasn’t a single chip at the end of it.

I’ve used this colour over light and dark polishes and it looks great over both, though my favourite is over a lighter colour.

Since buying Pluto I’ve been lusting after so many other colours that I know I’m going to develop an awful addiction. Oh well, might as well embrace it.

What are your favourite colours from the Topshop nail varnish range?

Pluto retails at £6 and can be picked up in store or online.