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Lush Haircare Heroes: American Cream and Jason and the Argan Oil

2nd January 2015

Lush Hair Care ProductsIn my never-ending quest for mermaid hair I try to do as little as possible with it. I don’t faff around with too many products or too much heat and both things help to keep my hair in good condition. However, a side effect of this is that I’ve been using pretty much the same products on my hair for months and months…and I think my hair’s getting sick of the routine. It’s started to look a little lacklustre lately so I was really excited to open a couple of haircare products on my birthday, specifically the Jason and the Argan Oil (best name ever? I think so) solid shampoo bar and American Cream conditioner from Lush.

I’m a big Lush fan (aren’t we all?) but I’ve actually never tried anything from their haircare range, though I’ve heard lots of good things about their shampoo bars. Still, I wasn’t convinced that this little bar would hold together long enough to get more than a couple of washes out of it…Fast forward a couple of weeks and I’ve used this every time I’ve washed my hair and it’s still almost as big as it was when I unwrapped it!

So, how did the products do? When used together they revitalise my hair and leave it soft, silky and shiny – the three s’s I think we’re all after when it comes to hair. They also keep my hair in better condition for longer, as I can now go an extra day without washing it, which is great news as wrangling this mane in the shower is right up there at the top of the list of beauty maintenance I hate. Well, it’s below washing my brushes, of course, but still.

As is customary for Lush products they both smell absolutely incredible. The shampoo bar smells like Ro’s Argan Oil Body Conditioner (or Rose Jam shower gel) and the conditioner is a rich scent of vanilla, strawberries and a tiny hint of Parma Violets – the two lots of scents together make my hair (and bathroom) smell aaaa-mazing.

If you’ve got some leftover Christmas money and you’re looking for a couple of haircare heroes to whip your hair back into shape then I absolutely recommend both of these products. Brilliant value for money, you can buy Jason and the Argan Oil (£5.75) and American Cream (£8.95 for 250g) from Lush stores or the Lush website.

Lush American Cream

Lush Halloween/Christmas Haul and Reviews!

27th October 2014

Lush Title

Hello everybody! I’m back after taking a little blog break. I decided to take a couple of weeks off of blogging so I could knuckle down and finish writing my novel, which I managed to do last Thursday. Hooray! Typing ‘THE END’ is such an exhilarating feeling and I’m so proud of myself for finally finishing it.

Anyway, I’m back and today I’m sharing a few snaps of some goodies I recently picked up from the Lush Halloween and Christmas ranges.

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The Lush Box

13th March 2014

I love Lush. What an original statement for a blogger, right? Ha, but it’s easy to see why we all love that place so much. Gorgeous products, wonderful scents, cuter-than-cute product names and a pretty decent price tag. What’s not to love?

I store my ‘to use soon’ Lush products in a vase in our bathroom but the majority of my products are kept in a big cardboard box in one of my wardrobes, ready to be grabbed when I need to lay in a deep bath and surround myself with candy scented bubbles. Mmm, I quite fancy a bath right now after typing that!
I added a couple of new products to my Lush box earlier today and it made me realise I really do have a lot of things stashed away – oops! Time to start shopping the stash and stop, well, shopping the shop!
Products I’m loving at the moment? Rose Jam shower gel, the Comforter bubble bar, Cinders bath bomb (this was a Christmas limited edition, I think) and Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner.
How do you store your Lush products? Do you tend to stockpile your favourite products or just pop into Lush as and when you fancy trying something new?

Lush The Hair Doctor

3rd January 2014

If anybody asks me my favourite physical feature I think I’ll always say my hair. I like having long swishy hair that I’m trying ever so hard to grow until it’s mermaid length. I’ve been growing it for a couple of years now but it’s only in the last few months I’ve been actively growing it – before that it was just that I was too lazy to trim it. We’ve reached boob length; we’re going to full on Disney Princess waist length.

The obvious drawback to having long hair is that it’s hard work to keep it in good condition. I’m lucky that it’s naturally straight so I rarely use heated styling tools which helps to keep it in pretty good condition, it’s only through blow drying that it’s subjected to heat damage.

But I have a confession. I brush my hair when it’s wet.


I know, I know. It’s a terrible thing. But these locks are long and getting knots out is a complete bitch if I wait until it’s dry. And so I’ve spent the past, well, ever gleefully stretching and snapping it every time I wash it. By the end of the year I was starting to wince every time I brushed it wet, as I could physically feel the strands stretching and then breaking. My ends were wispy and my whole head of hair was heavy and lifeless. It was getting greasy so much faster than normal and nothing I could do could make it nice and shiny. Adding new products into my routine made it worse and I was at a bit of a loss at how to improve the condition of my hair again.

Enter my wonderful mum, who bought me some Lush goodies for Christmas, including the Hair Doctor fresh hair mask.

Duh duh duh – I put it to the test on my woeful hair and, do you know what? IT WORKED.

I slapped some across my whole head, focusing mostly on the roots and ends and left it to work its magic while I relaxed in the bath. Twenty minutes later I washed and conditioned as usual and I knew straight away it had worked. Even when wet my hair felt clean, soft and tangle free. When I dried it, however, I almost did a little jig. Jigging over my hair looking nice? Yup, flying the flag for shallowness over here, my friends!

Simply put, Hair Doctor transformed my lacklustre, heavy hair into something bouncy and shiny. And, most of all, CLEAN. Like all of the crap had been stripped out and washed down the plughole. Goodbye ratty mess, hello swishy hair! It smells gorgeous too – pepperminty and fresh.

I love this product with a passion. I’ve got a hell of a lot of hair and I think the small pot I have will equate to about four masks. I’m going to do one a week so it works out a really reasonable price per month to keep my hair in lovely condition.

Another mammoth win for Lush!

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering – I got a Tangle Teezer for Christmas so my hair is now spared the horror of me dragging a brush through it when wet!

You can buy The Hair Doctor for £6.95 online here or in Lush stores.

My Lip Care Routine

22nd July 2013

I’ve always suffered with fairly dry lips. I’m lucky enough that they don’t get so dry they crack but I definitely need a lip balm on my person at all times! I’ve found that suffering from dry lips means I experiment less with lip colours as I feel like they don’t wear very well on me.

So, after getting sick of sticking with natural lip colours and wanting to try something a bit bolder I decided to look into lip treatments that might help. I’ve got tens of lip balms that promise long-lasting sofntess and etc etc but I needed to get touch…and so I invested in a couple of lip exfoliators and they’ve done the world of good!

I actually combine two products to exfoliate my lips and so far so good, I’ve been using this method for about three or four month now and I can really notice the difference. I’m experimenting a lot more with bolder lip colours and it’s really nice to actually get to try out some of the bright colours I have in my make up drawers! Especially during this hot weather I don’t really feel like wearing much on my face or eyes, so it’s nice to be able to brighten up my complexion with a bright pink lip!

So, first of all I cover my lips in Lush’s Mint Julips and rub my lips together for a few seconds to smooth out any rough skin, I then use the ELF Lip Exfoliator on top of the Mint Julips to really exfoliate and remove any dead skin. After wiping off any excess I slick on some Vaseline or Palmers lip butter and let that sink in before I apply any other lip products. It’s worked wonders!

I do recommend both Mint Julips and ELF’s Lip Exfoliator but if you’re only going to go with one then make it Mint Julips – it smells and tastes incredible and it lasts for an absolute age. I’ve had this since March and you can see the tiny dent I’ve made in it!

Do any of you guys exfoliate your lips? What are your favourite products? Or do you recommend anything else to banish dry skin and keep your lips soft and moisturised?