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Recipe: Pesto Pasta with Chicken and Chorizo

28th February 2014
I’ve always been a big pesto fan and I started cooking this dish during my student days, when I wanted something comforting and filling to prepare me for a long night of studying… or drinking, whichever.
It’s so simple to make and doesn’t take more than twenty minutes from start to finish – plus, it only uses a frying pan and a saucepan so there’s hardly any washing up, bonus!


  • Pasta (I use fusilli, it really doesn’t matter what kind you use but I’d suggesting picking something that isn’t too noodley)
  • Pesto (I swear by Sacla, there are cheaper options out there and, as you can see, I used the Asda own brand this time but it really wasn’t as good. This is one time I’d suggest going for the more expensive option as it really does make a difference!)

Those are the two essential ingredients, so now you can add whatever you fancy. The recipe I’m going through uses the following, but you can chop and change as you see fit. Mushrooms work really well in this as well:

  • Chicken
  • Chorizo
  • Pine nuts
  • Sweetcorn
  • Cheese (to top)


1. Get your pasta going. You know the score, boil the water, sprinkle of salt (if you want), whack the pasta in and away you go. Stir every so often to stop it sticking and keep an eye on the ├ąclock so you don’t overcook it if you prefer it al dente.

2. Prepare your chicken – I chop into chunks

3. Oil your pan and start cooking the chicken

4. After the chicken is sealed all over (usually after five minutes or so) I cut up the chorizo (I’ll chop one slice into about four) and add it to the pan. As soon as you add it you’ll get such a gorgeous whiff in the kitchen. It smells amazing

5. Leave the chicken and chorizo cooking for another five minutes or so (make sure the chorizo doesn’t burn). By this point your pasta is probably cooked so leave it draining in a colander

6. While the pasta’s draining chuck in a handful of pine nuts and some sweetcorn. Pine nuts can burn very easily so keep an eye on them!

7. Whack your drained pasta in a big bowl and mix the ingredients from your pan in with the pasta. Make sure it’s mixed evenly – you don’t want to end up with one serving that doesn’t have any chicken or there’ll be hell to pay!

8. Now, pesto time! Pesto is a bit of a love/hate taste so go heavier or lighter depending on what you prefer. I’m a big pesto fan and so is my boyfriend, so we do add quite a lot. Stir everything through thoroughly so make sure it’s all distributed evenly

9. Serve! A shaking of pepper and a sprinkling of cheese is the perfect way to top this dish. It tastes great on its own but goes nicely with a side of garlic bread