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A Birthday Trip to London!

7th January 2015


London TripI turned 27 a few weeks ago and my mum planned a lovely surprise weekend in London to celebrate! I had no idea what we were doing until a few days before so I was pretty overwhelmed and excited when I finally found out all the amazing things she’d planned for us to do!

Our first stop was to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour, which I’ve been desperate to go to for months now. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan (obviously, who isn’t?!) and it was fantastic, even better than I’d imagined. I’ll be reviewing the tour in full over on my book blog, if anyone’s interested!

After that we headed into London and made our way to Portobello Road (via a taxi, where the driver kept telling us how many women get raped by taxi drivers in London…unnerving, to say the least! Seriously, wtf?!) to the Electric Cinema. It’s absolutely stunning in there and you can choose between a leather armchair, sofa or bed – we opted for armchairs and, man, are they comfortable! Each comes with a side table, lamp, foot rest and cashmere blanket to keep you warm during the film. We saw the last Hobbit movie and it was fantastic – even better because of our amazing surroundings! After that we popped into the Electric Diner (just next door) for a hefty burger and chips, then headed back to our hotel in Notting Hill.


Electric Cinema

Enjoying a butterbeer in the snow // the Electric Diner // the Electric Cinema

The next morning we made our way to Hyde Park to visit Winter Wonderland. I’d never been and as my birthday’s the week before Christmas we thought it’d be the perfect way to get into the festivities! It was great to wander around Winter Wonderland before it got busy and I warmed myself up with an amazing mulled cider. We also hit the Magical Ice Kingdom, which is filled with incredible ice sculptures!

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Next up was a quick stop off at Trafalgar Square to ogle the huuuuge Christmas tree and pop into the National Gallery. My favourite painting, Whistlejacket, is inside, so we had a quick look at that and a few other amazing works of art – it’s one of my favourite galleries in the world and I don’t get to visit too often so it was hard to tear myself away!National Gallery

Our last stop was to the Ice Bar, where we were cloaked in huge capes and sipped on fruity cocktails in glasses made of ice! Each group only gets forty minutes in the bar, due to the freeeeezing temperatures but it’s great fun and my mojito was surprisingly good! After that there was nothing left to do but jump onto the train, head home and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Ice Bar London

A huge thanks to my amazing mum for planning such a fantastic weekend for us! It was a great way to celebrate both my birthday and Christmas and lovely to spend a bit of girly time together.

Let me know in the comments, what are your favourite things to do in London?

A Very Bertie Photoshoot

23rd June 2014
I used the new lens for my camera for the first time the other day – and it was love at first click! I desperately needed something, anything, to take photos of so I went straight for my favourite subject – my long-suffering and eternally patient pet, Bertie.

Now, I talk about Bertie a *lot* on Twitter and Instagram but he’s so darned awesome it’s impossible not to. He makes me laugh every single day and he’s the smartest dog I’ve ever met in my twenty six years – not that I’m biased or anything. He just turned four in April and, if I do say so myself, I think he makes a pretty perfect model. I did just snap these photos to test out my new lens but after seeing how great they turned out I decided to share a few of my favourites.
I can pretend this was a yawn until the cows come home but I’m pretty sure I snapped him mid ‘stahhhhp taking photos’ face
So there we go, another post dedicated to that fluffy-eared fuzzball that is my loyal hound. Now, er, did someone say walkies?

Life Lately

7th April 2014

So, things have been a little quiet around here lately, haven’t they? Since I finished my job three weeks ago I’ve been making lots of plans, working on a bunch of projects and finding my feet as a full-time self-employed writer!

It’s a lot of work to set yourself up as a freelancer and there’s a *lot* of waiting around – but the positives are amazing and being able to pursue something I love makes it clear that I made the best decision I could have when I decided to go for it. It’s still a bit scary while I waiting for the money side of things to become more regular – but I’m waiting for a couple of contracts to come in and I should be able to relax and just enjoy things soon. I have to keep reminding myself I’ve only been doing this for three weeks – it definitely takes most businesses a hell of a lot longer to become established, so I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come already!
Anyway, that’s all the boring work stuff out of the way. So, what have I been doing with my time when I haven’t been writing and following up leads? Well, cooking mostly! I’ve always been a big lover of cooking but it’s only in the last year I’ve really started experimenting with flavours and creating my own recipes. I’ve cooked so many yummy treats lately and I think my Instagram is quickly becoming dominated by food pictures rather than make up and beauty!
Some of my favourite new recipes are the chocolate nutter butter bars I posted up the other day (still addicted to this!), as well as healthy home made KFC-style chicken tenders, Mexican shredded chicken and the most amazing potato, chive and bacon frittata. Yum, yum, yum. ALL the food! So, yes, cooking has been occupying most of my free time and my boyfriend has been my chief taste tester…lucky for him, I think.
I’ve made some progress on my novel that I’m really pleased about; I’m approaching the 20k mark and, although I wish I was writing faster, I’m proud of what I’m creating. There’s no better feeling in the world than pouring your heart into something and it turning out even stronger than you hoped.
So, that’s life lately. Cooking, writing, business-developing. It’s all go-go-go and I’m loving it.
Home-made KFC // Perfect cream tea // Cheeky half in the pub // FotD

Florida Photo Album!

21st October 2013

So, I’m back from Florida!

It was a fantastic two weeks away, so fantastic that I’m still on such a high I’m not even dreading going back to work too much. It was the perfect holiday and I loved spending two weeks relaxing, shopping and eating with my lovely family and boyfriend.
For today’s post I wanted to share a few of my favourite photos from my holiday… because who doesn’t love boring everybody with their holiday snaps?

Boyfriend at the Ripley’s rifle range // Bubba Gump’s shrimp feast // Kate Spade at the mall

Our gorgeous pool overlooking the lake // GIANT pumpkin at Walmart // Cocktail at Red Lobster

Hello cheese fries! // Boyfriend drinking Mountain Dew through a Twizzler // Sky writing above the villa // ME

Halloween Horror Night (AWESOME night) // I miss this pool // American flag // Couple selfie // Me and the eye popping guy at Ripley’s

The pool // My lovely mum and nan // Me and my chap // Gorgeous sky // Ripley’s Believe It or Not Sign // Johnny Rockets – BEST BURGERS EVER

Oh, Florida. I miss you already.