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Make Up Revolution Haul!

23rd May 2014
My second haul in a month – what’s become of me? Well, after I spotted a host of great reviews popping up for Makeup Revolution I decided to buy a few bits and pieces and see what the fuss is all about. Luckily the price tags are eeny weeny, so a haul like this will come in at around £20 – not bad at all.

I decided to try a range of things from the brand but steered clear of eye products because I do *not* need any more eyeshadows for a LONG time! Well, I also don’t need any more face, cheek or lip products but, well… I have no excuse.

Cream blushers are something I haven’t really tried much of before but after falling head over heels for cream eyeshadows I thought I’d get some creamy goodness for my cheeks. I went for two cream blushes from the range, in Peach Cream (£1.50) and Rose Cream (£1.50).

After hearing that the One Foundation (£4) is similar to MAC Face and Body (I’ve never tried it so I’m not sure if this claim is true or not) I decided to give it a go. I was a bit surprised a size of the bottle when I unpackaged it (photographed next to a lipstick for scale) as it was pretty tiny but as the foundation is a really thin liquid formula I think this’ll go a long way.

Next up I picked up the highlighter in Pink Lights (£3), as I don’t have a lilac coloured highlighter in my stash. It’s a huge product and I’m never, ever going to run out of this. I’ve photographed it next to a cream blush for scale. 

And then, of course, I caved and bought five lipsticks, because I have no self control. Although at £1 each I can’t exactly complain if a couple are misses. I picked out Bliss, Vice (WHY did I think neon orange would look good on me?! Spoiler: It doesn’t. Photos coming soon for lols), Twist, Fusion and 100% Vamp.

Last of all I decided to get one of the Blush Lacquers (£3), as I’ve tried one from ELF and really got on with it. I went for the shade Desire and I’ve only swatched this on my hand so far but it’s pigmented as hell!

So there you go, my Makeup Revolution haul. I’ve had a lot of fun playing with these bits and pieces over the last week, so I’ll be bringing you individual reviews soon of some of the hits…and misses. Gird your loins for a picture of me in dashing bright orange lipstick – it’s definitely not my colour.

A Little Boots Haul

6th May 2014

So I picked up a couple of bits and bobs in the Boots 3 for 2 – of course I did. I’ve had some great job news over the last few weeks and now some contracts have been finalised I thought it was time to treat myself, after being on an unplanned three month spending ban!

Here’s a little look at what I bought:

So, first up we’ve got the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover (£4.99), which I’m sure every blogger under the sun has already mentioned numerous times. This is my second pot of this and I’m a bit fan – it’s not great with glitter varnish but then nothing really is. This is so handy, easy to use and doesn’t dry out my nails. I’m really looking forward to the new version of this, which features a handy sponge in the lid for removing toe nail varnish!

Next up is the Seventeen Stay Time Foundation, which I got in Soft Ivory. I was quite impressed at the colour range for us pale skinned girls as there were quite a few choices, rather than just the standard ‘Porcelain’. I’ve used this foundation a couple of times so far and it’s nice…nothing amazing and I doubt I’d repurchase but it makes my skin look even and smooth so it’s a pretty average foundation with a nice price tag. I do find it’s quite thick so you have to work it in quickly before it dries and I’m not 100% sure the full coverage promise comes true – but for £6.49 I’m not complaining.

I picked up two nail varnishes that I think are perfect colours for spring – the first is a pastel orange from the Maybelline Color Show range (Peach Smoothie – £2.99) and the second is one of the Seventeen Gel Colour varnishes, which I got in the shade Azure Amore (£3.99).

I’ve become a huge fan of the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows lately so I decided to buy myself Pink Gold (£4.99), which is a pretty shimmery pink that looks beautiful on the lid with some winged eyeliner on top. I’ve used this almost every day since I bought it and it’s my favourite product of the bunch – 100% recommended!

Last up is the Maybelline Brow Drama (£4.99), which I bought to replace my almost-empty (*sob*) Benefit Gimme Brow. I’ve used this two or three times and I’m actually pretty impressed with it. The shade I bought (medium brown) is a great match for my brows and it fills in the odd gap and neatens everything up without being too over-bearing. I’m not a fan of my brows feeling coated in product but I can deal with it for tamed brows that stay in place all day!

So there you have it, this lot came in at just over £20 once the 3 for 2 kicked in, which I think is pretty darn good! I’ve got some real gems in this haul and I’ll be bringing you more detailed reviews of a few of the products soon.

Shopping in Florida

30th October 2013

I did a lot of shopping in Florida. In fact, I think maybe I did more shopping in Florida than anybody has ever done in the history of time. I spent two years transferring some of my wages into a separate account so I could have a giant blowout in America and, dear lord, did I have a blowout. Sephora saw me coming, that’s for sure.

I’m not going to do a full on haul as there’s way too much to put in one post but I’m going to do a video about my favourite purchases and gradually review things I picked up. Instead, I thought I’d just share a picture of my purchases in all of its over the top ridiculousness. Bank balance, forgive me:

Cosmetics in America are a lot cheaper than they are in the UK so I always make sure I save up well in advance before a holiday. The base price is cheaper anyway, and when you take the exchange rate into consideration there are plenty of bargains to be had, especially when it comes to higher end brands. I’m going to write a separate post about the best cult products to pick up if you want to save a few pennies but for now I’ll just mention the Cosmetics Company outlet, where I found myself paying around £6.50 for MAC eyeshadows (a LOT of which were current, permanent shades), £5 for Bumble and Bumble treatments and around £11 for Origins face masks. CRAZY CHEAP.

And hopefully that gives you an insight into why I went so batshit crazy for cosmetics!

50% Off MUA Haul

13th February 2013

So, some of you might be thinking ‘Golly gee, this post is late, that sale was on ages ago’. Well, you are not mistaken, the sale WAS on ages ago but I actually only recently received my parcel. I’m not going to go into the details as I’ve seen a lot of blog posts talking about the issues but, basically, it pretty much ran like a what not to do in customer service.

Still, the offer was great and when my items arrived they were in great condition, so I’m happy.

Moving swiftly on, here’s a look at all of the goodies I picked up:

There it is, people. All for a mere £18. Bargain.

Nail Constellations in Leo, Libra, Scorpio and Gemini. I’m definitely interested to try these on an accent nail for a night out, as I’ve seen a few pictures on the blogs and they look lovely. I did get Pisces for Christmas so I have the full set now!
Fur-Effect Nails in Fluff & Cuddles, Fluffy Bobbin and Fuzzy Fluff. I’ve tried out Boo Boo Fluff before and, while I don’t think I’d wear these in any way other than to go ‘FEEL HOW FLUFFY THEY ARE’ it was completely worth it for £1.75 just to have a dabble.

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some of the brushes ever since they were released. I’ve only tried the stippling brush and, oh dear lord, it’s brill – proper review coming soon!

I love my Urban Decay Primer Potion but it’s not cheap so I thought I’d see how the MUA version goes. So far, so good. Same for the primer – I’ve tried a few and, while my Bodyshop is my favourite at the moment, I do definitely like this one a lot.

My only purchase from the Pro-Base range so far, I’m liking this one a lot even though I’ve only used it a couple of times. I’ll write up a proper review once I’ve used it a bit more.

And finally, the Going for Gold, Pretty Pastels and Glamour Days palettes. These are the only three I needed for a full set and I use my MUA palettes ALL the time so thought I’d snap them up for only £2 a pop! Can’t say fairer than that.

So, did you guys pick anything up in the MUA 50% off sale? Let me know in the comments if you posted any hauls and I’ll check them out!

Superdrug 3 for 2 Haul

9th December 2012

So I caved. I got sucked into the three for two madness and splurged a little. It’s less than a week until my birthday and two until Christmas so I really should be saving my pennies but I couldn’t help myself.

Here’s what I bought:

Barry M Gelly Shine – Grapefruit // Barry M Gelly Shine – Prickly Pear // Barry M Gelly Shine – Watermelon

 These polishes have been on my wishlist for ages now and I keep seeing brilliant reviews of the collection, especially Prickly Pear. I do eventually want to buy the rest of the colours but these are the three I was most desperate for.

Barry M Gold Mine // Barry M Ruby // Barry M Amethyst

 I’ve been buying tooooo much Barry M at the moment but I can’t stop! I’ve been wearing a lot of glitter over my usual polishes so I thought these three would make a nice addition to my collection. I quickly tried these over the navy varnish I already had on and they’re absolutely gorgeous, though I think Amethyst is my fave – I’ll be reviewing all of these soon!

Ghost Deep Night 30ml x 2

 This is one of my favourite perfumes ever and it’s been way too long since my last bottle ran out. It is a little pricey so as soon as I saw the two for £30 deal I snapped them up straight away as one bottle is £23.50! It smells so lovely and not like anyone else I’ve ever tried; I wore this every day throughout my first two years of uni so every time I get a whiff it takes me back to hangovers and snakebites – bliss.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes – Purple // Rimmel Scandal Eyes – Nude

 I don’t buy an awful lot of Rimmel products but I’ve always got one of their black eyeliners on the go so when I saw great reviews at The Bode Boutique and The Sunday Girl I decided to try these two. I’ve been using a white liner on my water line for a little while now but I think it can be a bit harsh so I’m definitely excited to try out the nude colour and see if it makes a difference.

MUA Starry Night Palette

 On my quest to purchase all of the MUA palettes (only four to go!) I picked up Starry Night. I think I’ll get a fair amount of use out of this but some of the shades seem to be very similar, as you can see in the picture. I’ll reserve judgement until I swatch them properly, though.

FashionistA Eyeshadow – Cosmic // FashionistA Blush – London // FashionistA Eyeshadow – Globe

 These are the first FashionistA products I’ve picked up and I’m so excited to try them. The colours are so vivid and bright and I quickly swatched them on my finger and they’re super pigmented. The blush is a little brighter than I usually wear so I’m interested to try it out soon, maybe when I’m getting ready for a night out. The capital A in FashionistA really bothers me… is it only me?

In my parcel Superdrug kindly included a couple of perfume samples for Hugo Boss and Hugo Boss Nuit. I haven’t opened either yet but I had a sniff of Hugo Boss Nuit through the bottle and it smells pretty good!
So maybe I purchased a few bits and bobs that I don’t realllllly need but I’m really chuffed with everything I got and I can’t wait to try everything out properly. Did you pick up anything in the 3 for 2 sale? Do you think there were any products I missed out on buying? Let me know!