My Perfume Picks

Like a lot of you, I’ve got a pretty sizeable stash of perfumes. I love how different scents can evoke different memories and certain perfumes seem to go better in certain situations, so I always like to have a few on hand. I’m not loyal to one particular scent, though I do have four favourites that I’ve been using for a while now.


First up is Ghost Deep Night, which is what I think of as my ‘evening’ perfume – if I’m ever going on a night out, this is what I’ll pick. I’ve been wearing this perfume the longest, since I was eighteen, and this is my fourth or fifth bottle, which is a gorgeous purple crescent moon design.

The smell is deep and feminine, definitely suited to night time, with notes of Indian rose, belle de nuit, orange, vanilla and amber – apparently! I’m not too hot at describing scents but the amber is definitely very prominent.

Next up is my ultimate favourite – CK One Summer (2009 edition). I fell in love with this perfume and was absolutely devastated to discover it was only on sale for one year, before it was retired for the next scent in the ‘Summer’ range. It’s described as being ‘intended to be used for a sunny day by a pool’ and contains ‘aromas of blue mint, cucumber, lime and bergamot’.

It was impossible to get hold of the exact perfume I’d fallen in love with, but my incredible boyfriend managed to find me an elusive bottle on eBay and surprised me with it last year! I use it very sparingly, maybe one spritz a week, as I’m trying to eke it out as long as possible – but it will always be my favourite perfume!

Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift is the next up, and it’s my go to ‘every day’ perfume. The scent is described as having ‘sparkling fruity tones on a wooden background’ (I definitely prefer fruity fragrances to floral) and it’s a lovely, light, girly perfume. The design of the bottle is cute, it’s pretty inexpensive and I always get compliments when I wear it.

Lastly, Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf is the latest addition to my collection. This was a gift from my boyfriend for Christmast last year and I absolutely love it. It feels like quite a ‘grown up’ scent, so I alternate between this and Wonderstruck on a day to day basis.

Described as an oriental perfume, Flowerbomb has notes of bergamot and green tea, as well as jasmine and patchouli.


Aside from these main four, I have a bunch of rollerballs on rotation, and a few of my favourites are Vera Wang’s Princess (though one of my good friends wore this all through uni, so I don’t feel like I can ever really claim it as ‘my’ perfume, you know?), Lavanila Vanilla and Grapefruit and a lovely coconut scent from Forever 21 (who’d have thunk it?).

I store my perfumes on a tea tray next to my make up table, so they’re all displayed and easy to grab in the morning. It’s nice seeing everything that I have and it means I try a few different things, instead of just sticking to one.


What are some of your favourite perfumes? And how do you store yours?

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